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5 Best Tips to reach Grandmaster Rank in Free Fire 2022

Garena has created an intensely competitive environment in Free Fire MAX with its flagship ranking system. Gamers take to the battlefield against others with the sole purpose of achieving a higher ranking tier and gaining an edge on the overall leaderboard.

At present, the Grandmaster is top notch. Catching it is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard grinding and patience for players to advance the rank score and insert themselves into the top countable number of Free Fire players around the world.

Tips to acquire and sustain Grandmaster rank in Free Fire MAX

There are many factors that affect the rank score in a particular match. But survival time plays the most important role in them. Thus, players should always go for survival gameplay with the intention of raising their ranks to grandmaster.

Survival demands hard patience in battle. Therefore, the following tips will be based on ensuring existence as the foremost objective and can be followed in a gradual manner.

Best characters and pets

Free Fire characters and pet skills play a vital role in survival in Max Edition. A player is allowed to equip a total of four character abilities and one pet. Using these skill slots in parallel with the strategy of the game will certainly help the gamers throughout the match.

Alok, K and Wukong can be selected for active ability slots while Kelly, Moko, Maxim, Raphael, Hayato, and more are likely to be useful for passive ones. Speaking of pets, Mr. Vagor, Porring, and Spirit Fox are just a few that will allow players to get easy support.

Use of info tool

The Notifications tool in Free Fire Max shows the location of the next safe zone. Most survivors ignore this useful element. As a result, they become infested with a constant damaging zone, which has proven to be the ultimate cause of eradication.

Early-game is the best time to use information tools. As soon as the first zone appears, players must use it to find the next one and capture a safe haven by quick rotation. Living in a safe area lasts longer.

Pick a team of good players

Choosing a stable team full of good players will always be helpful for rank-push sessions. Strong team chemistry, synergy attacks and an underlying understanding between squad members will improve your chances of reaching Grandmaster rank.

At the start of the new season, players must try to form a team consisting of friends to be able to move up the ranks together. A well-drilled squad makes it easy to communicate and strategize.

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