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5 tips to reach Heroic rank easily in Free Fire MAX

Battle royale games have skyrocketed in popularity on mobile platforms, and Free Fire has become one of the most preferred choices for players. It has two primary game modes, Clash Squad and Battle Royale.

Like most other titles, Free Fire max is quite competitive, and every user aspires to reach higher levels and compete among the elite. The game’s rank system divides its users based on their skill-caps. Players are rewarded with RP or ranking points based on their performance on the battlefield.

Free Fire max how-to: Rank up quickly to reach Heroic tier

Every player wants to rank up in Free Fire Max. The heroic rank is currently the second highest rank in the game. While reaching it is a matter of pride for the players, but everyone finds progress extremely difficult.

Players spend many hours honing their skills and improving their gameplay, and sometimes, that’s still not enough. One needs to be smart and quick-witted to reach the higher ranks and later the heroic ranks.

Choice of characters

Free Fire characters have become an integral part of the abilities/skills they possess. Therefore, the choice of characters can play an important role if users want to move up their ranks quickly.

Gamers can choose characters based on their playing style. For example, Jay is a viable option for those who prefer rush gameplay because of its ability – Raging Reload.

In addition, having the right character combinations can also help players. They can click here to read more about the three best character combinations in Free Fire.

Avoid hot drops in Battle Royale

Hot drops are double-edged swords, and landing there can spell disaster in Free Fire. Locations like Factory and Clock Tower attract a lot of gamers.

Likewise, they must avoid falling into the corner of the map as they will only get points for surviving, while they will miss out on kills.

Improving the skills

Users must make concerted efforts to improve their overall skills; It has no option. As players progress through the ranks, the competition becomes more complex, and without improving their gunplay, it becomes harder to climb the ranks.

Players can hone their skills with every weapon on the training island in the range and combat zone. Also, a proper warm-up before a ranked game in Free Fire can make a difference.

Efficient and early looting

Looting isn’t just about securing weapons and supplies. It is an essential part of Free Fire Max. Any player trying to move up the ranks should understand how looting throughout the match is neither possible nor easy.

In such a situation, they should prioritize looting and securing supplies as quickly as possible in the early game. Learning how to chart a loot path and know exactly what to choose will save a lot of time and make the process more efficient.

Try to survive until the ends zones in every match

For Free Fire Max players who aren’t sure of scoring points through combat, reaching the end of the match is a safe option. Although war cannot be completely avoided, the chances of ending it are greatly reduced.

If players can play it safe and don’t take unnecessary risks, they should be able to make it to the end. While this strategy is viable, it requires a lot of skill and patience to execute.

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