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The Best Video Game Worlds To Get Lost In

While we don’t have the luxury of going wherever we want right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t take yourself on a trip. While we are trapped in our homes, video games can provide the escape from the real world that everyone needs.

The Best Video Game Worlds To Get Lost In

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to walk away sometimes. Video games let you do this in a safe and enjoyable way. However, not all games are created equal for this purpose. Some games seem like there’s a world we want to get sucked into. Consider this list of the best video games to get lost in the next time you need to get away.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

After revolutionizing 3D games once again with 1998’s Ocarina of Time, Nintendo is here again to rewrite the rulebook, crafting a vast world of staggering complexity.

It gives you the basic tools you need and then lets you loose with ease, leaving you to paraglide through high peaks, cook a steak dinner, make out of monster guts, befriend a dog. , or does motorbike through a desert in his spare time.
Nintendo Switch.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

What is this? You’ve heard of Grand Theft Auto, haven’t you? Well, Red Dead is like that but with cowboys. The open world is humbling and the story is rich and full of detail.

Why play? For some routine, tootin’ cowboy fun! It’s rare to find games that are as easy to get lost as Red Dead. If you want to do the whole story it will take around 70 to 80 hours (like you don’t have time) but the real fun is riding your horse, fighting bandits, drinking and gambling.

3. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky has turned into a full-fledged journey around the star system, in which you’ll wander through procedurally generated planets like an Interstellar Explorer. It now includes 30 hours of story content, new lore, different ways to interact with your NPCs, portals to make jumping between planets easier, and terraforming.

The No Man’s Skies Beyond update brought even more features and changes, including riddable aliens, a new social system, and VR support. And updates since then have added more features, more story, and more reasons to get lost in space.

Forget the open world: No Man’s Sky is an open galaxy, and if you look good in a spacesuit and love exploring exotic exotic wildlife, you should absolutely jump into it.

4. Fallout 4

Well, this time someone has taken your baby and you need to bring him back. Mind you, it’s not really that big of a deal. Hear me out: Fallout 4’s ability is too tempting to ignore for long enough.

The astonishingly colorful world of Boston, MA is full of discoveries: Follow the path of freedom, investigate mysteries with unforgettable synthetic detective and sassmaster Nick Valentine, try to free the sink along the railroad, of a haunted house.

Find out, or just loot everything (and everyone) in sight to make a mountain of hats. Play however you want and see how it affects your followers, adding an extra layer of depth to this post-apocalyptic open world game. Just don’t set the world on fire. So far.

5. The Sims 4

If you haven’t turned to The Sims while physical distancing yet, this is an achievement in moderation. The most recent addition to the series is The Sims 4, which combines elements of the original versions with new features.

It’s currently available at huge discounts in several places, including the official Sims Store and the Humble Bundle.

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