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Garena Free Fire tips and tricks: What is 360-degree Gloo Walls trick?

In Free Fire, glue walls are said to be one of the most important components of gunplay that players can use for offensive as well as defensive purposes. As gamers pass through different ranks and passes, utility items become more and more important to their success.

Players often get caught in the crossfire in open areas. For such scenarios, 360-degree glue wall technique can come in handy to achieve cover from all sides.

What is Free Fire 360-degree Gloo Wall

This is a utility that players can use to take cover from all directions. This provides a temporary cover, and in order to use this trick, players must have at least 3 or more grenades.

Although the Glue Wall does not guarantee players’ survival, it does provide them with time to heal or revive teammates who have been knocked out. And since it’s a great trick to increase a player’s chances of survival, it’s definitely a useful trick to have in one’s arsenal.

Never loot at starting

Every Free-Fire player needs to beware of looting in the open. It can be easy for enemies to dodge you while you were busy looting crates. Therefore, to avoid being an easy target, constantly move the analog to the side during the loot. Using this strategy, it will be impossible to aim your enemies’ heads at you.

How to get free diamond in free fire

Google Opinion Rewards is the best way to get free diamonds in Free Fire. It is quite a popular option and is used by millions of players across the world. Users can visit the Play Store page of the application from here.

Gamers must complete a short and simple survey on Opinion Rewards in order to collect Google Play credits. Players can then use these credits to purchase in-game currency.

Improve your aim by sniping

Here is an important Free Fire Tips and Tricks to improve your target especially for beginners in 2022. Another way to get better at Free Fire is to learn it. A sniper is needed to take the opponent off the ground without engaging in a close match, where the risk of losing a teammate is high.

A one-shot one-gun gun is difficult to handle, and requires a lot of practice to master. You should play in single mode, take a sniper with suitable attachments and start practicing every day.

Try to Shoot from Right

There is a very extreme free fire trick to date 7th which many of you hardly know about. Well! Wherever you are betraying your enemy behind a tree or something, try to shoot from the right. Simply the Free Fire creators have placed the player a little more to the left, so you get more leverage on the right side and a good aim in the work space.

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Good Crosshair Positioning Sense

One of the best things that can instantly improve your Free Fire Max gameplay is to be aware of the center of your display. Now, in mobile shooters, the center of the screen is always where the crosshairs are placed. Being aware of this and placing your crosshairs accurately can make a huge difference in your game immediately.

If you drag your crosshair too far instead of immediately placing it on the enemy, you will lose more gunfights. That’s because pulling the crosshairs takes a long time and you’ll miss out on a crucial window of winning.

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