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Best Tips to get Headshots in pubg mobile

If you have played PUBG: Mobile then you already know that different guns do different amounts of damage. If you are using the SMG at close range or effective range of the gun, the damage will be consistent. However, depending on the gun you are using, your damage stats can vary based on range and where they are attached to the target.

Range plays a big factor when you’re using a gun outside of its effective range. Using an SMG to take a long distance engagement will not yield the desired results. However, if you’re using a sniper rifle for long-range engagement, chances are you’ll get better results.

1. Good Cross-Hair Position

Good aiming is nothing more than maintaining a steady position by placing it next to the enemy’s head so that you can move quickly to hit your first head punch and take him down with a few more hits. Track the heads of moving targets in Battlegrounds Mobile India training mode to help improve cross-line positioning.

Another tactic is to anticipate your opponent’s actions by positioning the crosshairs so that you can hit them straight. If it’s going straight out of cover, make sure you hold the scope open so you can shoot at it, in other words, master the pre-shoot.

2. Practice in the arcade modes

It’s always good to practice on dummy targets on a training basis, but it’s even better to practice in arcade mode to improve headshot accuracy. The arcade mode matches give players a real battle royale match experience, which boosts gamers’ confidence and prepares them for real battle royale matches.

To get a match-like experience, players must play Payload Mode. Payload Mode is an arcade mode that hosts a battle royale experience similar to Classic Match but offers additional features such as helicopters, RPG launchers, etc.

3. Game Sense

One of the most overlooked parts of good aim is the game spirit. If you’ve spent some time playing PUBG: New State, you’ve probably felt something happen in the higher ranks. When you start playing the game, you are first getting acquainted with the overall mechanics of the game. It includes the general idea of ​​the map, hot drop location, player movement on the map, basic gun knowledge. As you win, you move up the ranks and play with other players of the same rank. Now, there’s a limit to how far you can go as a player if you don’t develop an understanding of your game.

To make the concept easy to understand, game sense is when you can tell where the target will approach you. This is completely different from crosshair placement. Here, you’re using your in-game knowledge of the mechanics together with your experiences from past actions. In the higher ranks of the game, most of your match pool will have the same level of skill when it comes to aiming.

4. Find The Right Weapon

There is a wide selection of weapons available on PUBG Mobile. However, you certainly won’t be able to pick up a weapon right away when you get off the plane. You can use the first available weapons so that you can survive in the early game. If the situation looks favorable and you are armed, you can freely seek loot or other weapons. One of the deadliest and easily available weapons is the Kar98.

This weapon has suffered a lot of damage. Meanwhile, if you look at the water droplets, chances are you can find the most important lethal weapons, like the AWM and M24. With these two weapons, you can kill your opponent instantly with one shot in the head.

5. Use Correct Sensitivity Settings

An important part of improving the accuracy of headshots is using the right sensitivity settings in PUBG Mobile. When you install PUBG Mobile, the default one isn’t going to cut it. Players should either adjust it by going into training mode or follow our comprehensive guide to the best PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings to get headshots with ease.

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