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top 5 Best shooter games for Android 2022

You really can’t get much action with shooting games. Whether it’s third-person shooters, first-person shooters, or somewhere in between, you’re usually subject to tons of bullets, explosions, and mayhem. It has been one of the more difficult genres to play on mobile as shooting games rely heavily on accuracy.

This is difficult to do on a touch screen. Additionally, we have a separate list which is all FPS (First-person Shooter) games and which is linked below. This list has first and third person shooters with different mechanics, so this can be a real list of best shooting games for Android.

1. Super Crossfighter

Super Crossfighter is essentially a neon space invader that is played at breakneck speed. Your little craft sits on the bottom of the screen, darts left and right, destroying the aliens above. But the enemies you face aren’t just dodging critters from 1970s gaming—they come armed to the teeth, all kinds of instant laser death and bullet hell your way. Luckily, you don’t even want to shell out.

Your fast craft can jump up from the bottom of the screen, scooping up gems that can later be used to upgrade the ship in the in-game shop. No IAP for the extra cash, note – this intense blaster is all about your skill in your thumbs, and your ability to survive wave after wave of neon-infused shooty action.

2. Hitman: Sniper

Agent 47 has made his way to Android where he is going to take out all his enemies one by one with the help of a sniper. Hitman: Sniper is actually focused on killing by means of a sniper rifle. You can’t go close and strangle anyone in this game, instead you should focus on eliminating your enemies through sniper. You’re going to set up shop outside an estate and take your enemies out of the realm one by one.

You can take your time and plan your course, but you must eliminate all your enemies in order to fulfill the contract. If you are a fan of Hitman then you will love this game because who doesn’t love cracking agent 47, open some skulls. Be the ultimate killer in this exciting game.


A huge number of unrealistic opportunities will be available to those who will become soldiers of a special forces unit. The player can download Gun War and try his hand at shooting as an elite fighter. During the passage of the company, you will take part in 124 missions, each of which is dangerous and difficult. Choose one of two ways in which you have to show all your abilities and skills. Gangsters, terrorists and even machines will come out against you. In addition, think in advance whether you can resist the zombies, which are practically immortal.

The game has high-quality and detailed graphics in 3D. All game progress will be saved in the cloud, so never lost. Many different missions and weapons will be available for the unit fighter. The special effects of shooting and explosions look very colorful. All this is immersed in the realistic atmosphere of war time. Therefore, you should download Gun War and feel the adrenaline flowing in your veins.


Don’t expect to find a very detailed script in DEAD TRIGGER 2. In fact, saving the world is nothing more than an excuse to tear a cursed corpse to pieces. Don’t think that the planet is only an American city because in one of the best android tablet games you will go around the world in many different missions.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 is spot on in almost all aspects, even though in the higher stages of the game you’ll have to wait a long time to be able to really improve your character if you chose not to invest any real money. Considering its quality, there are no real complaints. Check it out right now!


One of the best free shooting games for Android and iOS alike, SHADOWGUN: DEADZONE has been a huge success since its release, with over 10 million downloads on mobile systems! SHADOWGUN: DEADZONE is a game set in the third person. That is to say, the camera will be behind the character, and you can see all their movements.

SHADOWGUN: DEADZONE can be played through two distinct game modes: the widely acclaimed Deathmatch, in which each character fights on their own in search of the best score, and Zone Control, a brawl between two teams in which the goal is to win. And protect the most designated points throughout the map. Visit the Play Store to see more!

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