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pubg mobile tips and tricks to become a pro in 2022

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground may not be a name that most Indian kids are familiar with, but ask anyone about PUBG Mobile and it will be instantly recognizable. The popular battle-royal game became the most popular video game of the year with Fortnite, with over 200 million downloads worldwide and 30 million daily active users. The sport is particularly popular in India and the rest of Asia, and for good reason.

PUBG Mobile is a turning point in mobile gaming, never has a mobile game felt so close to its PC counterpart, including a robust multiplayer platform, which is the real reason for the game to be successful. However, with so many users playing the game at all times of the day, winning is a matter of both luck and precise strategies and skill. Apart from training himself, a pubg pro player also has some strategies and useful tricks that give him an edge over others.

1. Use the gyroscope on your phone to help aim

If your phone has a gyroscope, you can use motion to move your view in the game. The best option is to help it when you’re in range or using your weapon sights – then you can move the phone instead of using the joystick.

It can be very quick and natural when you have to react quickly. Go to Settings > Basic and you will find the option under Gyroscope at the bottom of the page.

2.  Pick. Your. Battles 

Everyone wants to be the person who hits 20 and takes out the winner, but the chances of that happening are slim. (Unless you’re Shroud or Dr. Dishonor, the two biggest PUBG streamers who somehow manage to get the most kills in a single round.) So to survive you must choose your battles. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t fight any battles, but only choose battles that you know you can win.

If you see someone holding an AWM and full level three armour, they might not be able to see them clearly. But see someone with only a shotgun while you have 4x ARs and you should totally take them out. Take an extra second to evaluate each battle position and if it seems difficult, maybe run to the other side.

3. Guns Blazing vs Stealth

Many players will debate which method works better in the game as user experiences and skills vary. But, the most recommended way is actually a balanced one. Stealth comes in handy when trying to kill enemies without being seen or killed, and guns blazing are a great way to clear small areas full of enemies. Learn to use your map to an advantage, as the leaves, buildings, and vehicles make for really good cover.

Walking when you’re hooked also helps to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies because your footsteps won’t be heard. You can also modify your approach according to the guns and attachments found in the game – it’s easier to steal with a sniper or suppressed rifle than with a machine gun or heavy assault rifle.

4. Ammunition

Ammunition can be difficult to manage. Pick up all kinds of ammo in the first few minutes of the game until you’ve got a decent set of weapons that you’re satisfied with. You should leave any unnecessary ammo out of your bag to make room for other items. If your teammates find this useful, we also suggest marking the ammo you drop.

Keep an eye on the ammo you’re carrying and loot crates of enemies as you progress through the game. Also, make sure you keep reloading your gun to avoid delays in the middle of the fight.

5. Use an exploded car for cover

Cars can double as good cover spots in PUBG. But cars can be destroyed and if you’re around, you can even be a knock-out. The trick is to destroy the car yourself first and then use what’s left to take cover. If you are in a wide open field, this is a good way to cover. Bullets hitting the detonated car will do nothing and you can peek behind the car to dodge your enemies.

Alternatively, if you get a flare gun and already have everything you need, use the flare gun to summon a bulletproof UAZ. Bullet proof car is not only a good escape vehicle, but when the going gets tough, just hide behind it and shoot. Keep in mind that the car is not completely bulletproof and two or three 7.62 mm bullets would be enough to destroy it.

6. Closing Doors

It may sound silly, but getting used to it is an important concept that most players overlook. Locking doors in PUBG is a versatile and important concept to try and win matches. Not only does this hide your presence inside or across a building, but it can also serve as a powerful warning signal for oncoming players. Closing the doors masks that the room hasn’t been ransacked yet.

It can hide its presence in a building or waste an enemy player’s time. It also provides a distinctive audible indication that an enemy player is approaching. Allowing for proper setup and combat advantage. This concept is unnecessarily neglected in the PUBG community and can be used to defeat enemies while hiding their mark in the game’s vast maps.

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