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Top 5 best Games Designed in RPG Maker

There was a time when most people considered RPG Maker to be nothing more than a beginner’s tool for solo developers to get what they felt like to engage in game development before moving on to more complex software.

Although RPG Maker Dev Tools is deceptively complex, most people manage to create some truly incredible games that have stood the test of time as few complete narrative masterpieces.

1. The Endless Empty

When most people think of RPG Maker games, they imagine titles with graphics like Final Fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger. Endless Empty reveals that the engine is capable of a whole lot more than just imitating the visuals of a classic RPG, although the game looks more like a Cyric video than an NES or SNES title.

Endless Empty puts players in control of a recently deceased soul who, perhaps understandably, is struggling to come to terms with being dead. They are then taken on a profound journey filled with vibrant visual and audio stimuli and interesting philosophical ideas about death and the afterlife. The experience it offers is completely unique and definitely worth a visit.

2. Red Trees

Developed by Carmel, also known as Steven, who created U&I and Long, Long Drive and Dr. Signal’s Strange Machine, Red Trees is a cute adventure game with some very mild horror elements. The game follows a young girl named Artemis who lives in a small town in the middle of a forest.

After the disappearance of some rabbits and rumors spread throughout the city about something in the forest, Artemis decides to investigate. But, Artemis won’t be able to go into the woods without first getting permission, so she has to talk to the various townspeople and solve some problems first. Years after its original release in 2016, the game received an update that included new music, dialogue, and gameplay improvements.

3. Palette 

The winner of the fourth annual ASCII contest, Palette shows that the RPG Maker tool began to push further and further into new territories. Created by Nishida Yoshitaka in RPG Maker 95, Palette tells the story of a psychiatrist trying to help a girl who lost her sight and memory in an accident.

The game is no match and it plays like an adventure/puzzle game, which lets you explore the scenes in the girl’s “mind palace” and collect important items to recover her memories without causing too much emotional tension. calls to do. It was remastered in 2001 for the PlayStation 1 under the name Forget me not -パレット.

4. Corpse Day

The 16-bit gore that punctuated the first Zombies day, the game may not be as punchy or graphic as some of the scenes found in the likes of Resident Evil and Inner Evil, but it still manages to create a terrifying atmosphere. is enabled. This and the fantastic characters in the game are its biggest assets, though that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of other things to enjoy here.

The game’s story does a great job of arousing the emotions of the players, usually killing off the characters they slowly became attached to.

The music is great too, with only the in-game visuals really holding it up. Those who are able to look to the past will have a lot of fun with the game, while those who are not may consider checking out one of the more recent entries in the series instead.

5. LISA: The Painful

Before playing LISA: The Painful, one must be well aware of this game. While the game is certainly hilarious with its offbeat brand of dark humour, make no mistake – LISA: The Painful is one of the most disappointing video games of all time.

Brad’s story as he tries to atone for his past mistakes, making him one of the most well-written video game characters of all time, revolves around a unique post-apocalyptic setting. where all women seem extinct… until Brad finds a little girl, whom he decides to take care of instead of using it as a way of ensuring the survival of humanity.

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