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warzone pacific tips and tricks

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is in full swing and during the festive period, many players will be joining the caldera for the first time. With many gamers laying their hands on the next-gen console or high-end PC, there is no better time to get into a battle royale as many players strive to win.

With a wide array of weapons and attachments to choose from, building the ultimate Warzone loadout can be overwhelming for new players. Combined with the many modes of play and mechanics to master, making it to the final circle is no easy task. With that said, here are some handy tips and tricks to help any newcomer find success at Caldera.

Airfield — The Main Runway

In particular at Vanguard Royal, the airfield’s runway in the southwest area of ​​the caldera can become a high-risk, high-reward drop spot in any match.

This area, to the right of the main hangar, usually has more aircraft for dogfighting than anywhere else on the caldera, making it a must-see for those looking to steer these vehicles. If they’re all taken before those feet hit the ground, quickly turn to barracks, hangars, and ancillary buildings, which can be great places to stock items.

Even outside of Vanguard-focused playlists, those structures can be a great starting point for building loadouts. Avoid the wide-open tarmac and stick to its perimeter as you sweep the area for enemy teams before moving on to another.

Also, don’t expect to be in the air traffic control tower the entire game, as there’s more than one way for someone to come over and bring you back down to earth.

Phosphate Mines

In addition to building density, another factor when considering drop spots is the ability to move to other areas of the map, or move around where other crews might fall.

This makes phosphate mines a solid choice for landing spots, one of the most central areas of the caldera.

Those who like the Karst River Salt Mines (or the mine in its later years) in Verdunsk will feel at home here, especially when scavenging through the main processing building at its center.

Unlike the Verdansk mine, the phosphate mines in the caldera have a high probability of falling within the previously protected zone given their location. And even if it falls outside of it, it provides plenty of maneuverability for other areas – such as armory, docks, villages, ruins, peaks, airfields and fields – where the safe zone will land.

Use your cash when possible

There are several points of interest in the caldera where you can find large amounts of cash. Therefore, you should not hesitate to go to a buying station and buy items that will help you survive till the last round. Unfortunately, we can’t help you choose what to buy, but they should include a self-revving kit and some armor.

Of course, you’ll also need to get some weapons and attachments. Pacific’s game mode only allows players to get their custom loadout when they start the second circle. So keeping your money till then can be a fruitless venture.

Your knowledge of the map is important

You might be wondering why this tip came about. It’s easy – saving the best for last. Your knowledge of maps will also contribute to the game play. Take some time to study the map while you are playing the game; Thankfully, you have the minimap.

When you know the different routes, you’ll probably know where an enemy will lead. It will help you to avoid some dangerous places on the map and find those very precious loot easily.

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