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Elden Ring review 2022

The Elden Ring is an absolute masterpiece. I haven’t beaten any Souls games before, but I’ve grinded a lot on Dark Souls 3, as well as Dark Souls 2 and 1. I really enjoyed it and had a blast creating my character and grinding souls, so figured I’d try Elden Ring. It was definitely worth every penny. To start with, the graphics are absolutely insane.

I’m playing on my Xbox series S, and I haven’t had any problems. It has a stable frame rate and the loading time is minimal. Not to mention it’s a treat to watch. The leaves, the sky, the sun, the water, everything looks surreal and ultra realistic.

Not to mention that the enemies look very detailed and the bosses are extremely complex. In terms of bosses, I finally beat the first one, Margit, after about 10-15 hours of grinding. The game wants you to either try or find a good place to farm, and reward your effort for either choice.

I really enjoyed looking for a good farming spot and then collecting runs and leveling up my stats. When it comes to character creation, you have a lot of control over your creation. It is very comprehensive and makes it so that you can control your playing style.

I started out as a samurai and leveled up my katana and it has been my main weapon for most of my playing time. However, much to my delight I also found some Wolverine claws that are just too cool to use. Some weapons also have specific skills that come with them, which makes it great to discover new and experience.

On top of that, the game also has some great looking armor sets that will really make you feel bad. This game has been a blast, and I haven’t gotten anywhere in the story yet. Although to be honest, I don’t pay much attention to the stories of these games.

It’s all about the challenges and the experience that I enjoy. I know this review isn’t incredibly detailed or really structured. However, if you’re interested in a game that will reward you for your time, while also teaching you that it’s inner work, then this is definitely for you. If you enjoy exploring deep worlds and fighting monsters, this is definitely for you.

The game is absolutely incredible I know can be seen as an overused enology in the gaming community these days which I don’t take as a bad thing in the slightest, but as a soul fan I wouldn’t call myself a veteran, although I’ve played them all with the exception of the original Demon Souls and some of them I’ve played multiple times, DS3, Sekiro and Bloodborne being one of my top favorites.

this The game is absolutely in the middle of them, in my opinion this game deserves every single high rating review it, give all the awards to this game, the sheer scope and scale of this world is absolutely amazing, for me to get my head around this fact hard to wrap up they fit this game in 44GB of data I’m about 80hrs level 102 and I have a lot of maps/worlds uncovered but also within those areas of all those things, bosses, secrets and areas It’s almost scary to think about the ones I haven’t discovered yet.

That said I guess I should mention that I’m the type of gamer that delves thoroughly into these kinds of games which I love so if you’re happy to hear about my time or because of it Tired so it’s mostly on me Your mileage may be a lot but I want to milk and squeeze this game I want to give it a go and then enjoy some.

I can’t wait to jump into the new Game Plus and see how it matches up or excels compared to previous Souls games. The world is mesmerizing. The game is totally and utterly ridiculously challenging, but if you have the patience and determination to keep going and if you need to see some important items and upgrade material locations You will not be a complete beast in any short frame of time but it will all be so enjoyable and worth it. New favorite game of all time.

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