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Minecraft: 10 Rarest Biomes 2022

Minecraft is a game that attracts different types of players. There is something for everyone from engineers to landowners. A fairly universally enjoyed part of the game experience (at least in survival mode), however, is exploring the world and finding a place to settle.

Minecraft shines in this regard, offering a wide and ever-expanding selection of wildly different biomes to populate its infinite world.

1. Shattered Savanna and Shattered Savanna Plateau

Scattered savanna and scattered savanna plateau are rare forms of common savanna biome. Unlike the calm, mostly flat terrain of the regular savanna biome, scattered savanna looks more chaotic. This biome consists of extremely steep and precarious mountains, patches of thick dirt, bright green spots and patches of stone.

The broken savannah also has huge overhangs, floating islands, and giant waterfalls and lavafalls, even with high and rough terrain compared to the mountains biome.

The scattered savanna plateau is almost identical to the regular broken savanna, but it is more gentle. However, both the regularly scattered savanna and the scattered savanna plateau are dangerous places because of how high and sharp the rocks are.

2. Rarest Minecraft Biomes – Bamboo Jungles

Forests as a whole are some of the rarest biomes found in Minecraft, spawning much less frequently than many other major biomes such as deserts and plains. However, two particularly notable examples are the Bamboo Jungle and the Bamboo Jungle Hills Biome.

It is one of the only biomes in which players can encounter pandas, one of the rare mobs within Minecraft, and a good source of bamboo that can be used in more complex Minecraft construction projects.

3. Rarest Minecraft Biomes – Modified Badlands Plateau

The Modified Badlands Plateau is the second rarest biome in Minecraft, behind the previously mentioned Modified Jungle Age. This biome has smaller plateaus than the standard counterpart, mimicking a more weathered environment, and is only present in about 1/5 of Minecraft’s challenging Badlands biome which is relatively rare compared to the game’s more standard spawn areas. Huh.

4. Mushroom Field and Mushroom Field Shore

Grass has been replaced by mycelium in these rare mushroom field biomes. They consist of a combination of flat landscapes and steep hills filled with large amounts of brown and red mushrooms, with the giant mushroom version. The noisier version has rivers and shores, which are much flatter.

These are the only biomes in Minecraft that spawn Mooshrooms. Most of them are red in color – you need a lightning bolt to turn one into brown.

5. Modified Jungle Edge

The Modified Jungle Age biome is extremely rare as it occurs only in dire conditions. Currently, it is the rarest biome in Minecraft. To get a modified jungle biome, you need a jungle biome to lay eggs next to a swampy hills biome… which rarely happens.

When this happens, the modified Jungle Edge will appear as part of a double-layered transition. The edge of the modified forest is visible next to the forest and the edge of a thin normal forest next to the swampy hills. The generated biomes are often very small – the edges of the modified forest cover only a few million (0.00027%) of the overworld.

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