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How do I get better at Call of Duty?

Practice continuously. Practice makes us perfect. Try a 3 finger or 4 finger configuration. Change the sensitivity as per your requirement. And if possible go for a better device. Practice in training. Doing all this is not enough if you are doing the same thing over and over again then yes it will improve your game a bit.

You can watch the YouTube video for more progress. Look at the players who are great at their game. Look what they do. What are the things that you also need to learn. And stick to what you do in the team. Either you are a commander or a supporter, an invader or a sniper. Fix your position and give proper space to your teammates too.

How do you get good at Call of Duty fast?

I play this game a bunch so expect a lot.

Movement is undoubtedly the most important mechanic, I’m in Legendary and if you use your heartbeat sensor and you see someone around the corner you can’t walk around the corner, you’re immediately lazy Or it will be tough.

They have 2 options, slide cancel or slide jump and slide canceling is more of an advanced mechanic than slide jumping, so get slide jumping if you want to learn right away. If you want to cancel the slide here I’ll provide a video.

They will not expect it and you will get free shots, jumping will also make headshots easier and hence the kill time faster.

Also if an opponent has low ammo gun but when you are trying to run I suggest you to zigzag.

loadout I suggest not using heavy hitters like Es Val and DRH if you are trying to get better. If you practice your aim with bad guns you will get used to hitting more shots to kill, so it will look easier when you switch to As Val or DRH.

I suggest pp19bizon as it has bullet capability so you can miss shots to practice your aim and its a good gun.

The qq9 also is good but for the opposite reason,it shoots fast has low bullet capacity so u have to hit more shots which will also provide u with practice.

Tactical and Lethal The best strategy currently in the game is the heartbeat sensor, it detects other players within a radius of 30 meters and a green dot appears on the sensor. And the best lethal is either Molotov or Thermite.

With thermite you have the possibility of sticking someone who will eventually kill them for setting them on fire no matter what, the molotov has ridiculous range and even kills anyone when out of their range jump out.

3 ways to use the thermite

  1. If you snipe someone so it only hits for 95 instead of 100, throw thermite at them for an instant kill.
  1. If you know someone might be peeping somewhere and you don’t want them to apply thermite. 3.If you’re playing quest and destroy and you know you’re going to die but have 10 seconds left, throw a thermite at the bombs to prevent them from defuse. Same for Molotov.
  2. Headglitch Hide behind objects where they can only see your head, so you can shoot their whole body and they can only shoot your head making it harder for them to win the fight. Score Streaks, I will list the best score streaks for each mode. The best scorestreak for hardpoint and supremacy is Sam Burrows will immediately take down Vettoles and Stealthturrets they will just defend hard points.
  3. Next is VTOL you can’t miss just spam people before they get to hardpoint and no one uses sam. Then if you want to kill quicker there’s Shock RC For Team Death Match you need Shock RCS, VTOL and Stealth Helicopter. For search and destroy you’ll want Counter UAV, UAV and Shock RCS, those are the only scorestreak you might be able to use. Bonus Tip” if you want to level up Gun Play Br or Hardpoint Shipment.

How do you play Battle Royale on Call of Duty?

The first thing to do is use your favorite weapon, and then max it out. When you are able to call in a care package, having a fully powered gun is truly a blessing.

The next step is to work on your strategies. Discover which tips you love using. This includes running straight into firefights (pro tip, don’t do this unless you’re very good) or holding back to pick up survivors. You also have to learn when to retreat and when to attack.

Learn to walk Do not look at the same corner over and over again. Your opponent will just look at that corner and blow your head.