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How do I rank up faster on PUBG Mobile 2022

PUBG Mobile is one of the best battle royale games available for mobile devices. The game has attracted millions of fans and players around the world. It offers high quality graphics with attractive dynamics.

Ace Tier is one of the elite leagues of the sport. Players are always looking to reach the Ace tier and become a more skilled player and receive bonus rewards.

Whether you have recently started playing PUBG or are new to season 12, leveling up is a way to get the best out of the game and compliment your player friends.

Here are some tips to step up quickly in PUBG Mobile

Instead of shifting between different game modes, stick to one mode, Classic. It’s the fastest way to understand how to play the game. Plus, constantly shifting between different modes will spread your points across different game modes.

Secondly, the better phone you have, the better for you. This is because you will be playing the game on mobile, so the bigger the screen, the more likely you are to maneuver.

If you have a tablet, use that. Also, make sure you have stable Wi-Fi to make sure your character stays up during the match. Also, make sure all other applications are closed while you are playing.

PUBG Mobile uses a lot of features of your mobile, so different applications can clog it up and affect your gameplay. Lastly, use good earphones, that way, you’ll know exactly where your enemies are and have an advantage regarding stealth.

PUBG Mobile: Top 5 tips to rank up quickly to Ace tier

The PUBG ranking system largely depends on your kill to death ratio. Thus here are some tips that can come in handy in increasing your mortality ratio and thus leveling your rank.

Play a balanced game. Sometimes you must play the safe game and sometimes go in a hurry. Since only playing safe will not give you enough kills to increase your ratio and only aggressive gameplay will result in sooner kills which again means a lower kill/death ratio.

Also, I suggest you play with your friends. Playing with strangers usually results in poor gameplay due to poor coordination. They can give you cover fire while playing with friends, you can share supplies and its more fun. You perform better when playing with friends.

Last but not least – practice. Practice will make you better and soon you will find yourself in a better rank with refined skills.

Tips that can make you surpass all of your friends’ ranks in your Pubg friend list

  1. Get a good gaming device (e.g an iPhone max 11 pro) and a ping of below 64 constantly.
  2. Get good teammates who are willing to give your full support unlike random teammates.
  3. Do not land on places where there is a hot-drop.
  4. Only rush when alives are down to 25-35.
  5. Do not always rush. Always think of a tactical method to wipe squads. You will not only get kills, this will also increase your pubg tactical skills.
  6. Third Party is the key to wipe one or more squads at once. Do third parties as much as possible.
  7. Lastly, Try not always get at least in the top 10. Always thrive to win a chicken dinner. This will not only increase your rank but also it will increase you KD smoothly.

By playing more and more game without loosing or dying early. More you earn the points soon your rank will increase.

  • Bronze. Less 1400 Rank Points.
  • Silver. 1400-1499 Rank Points.
  • Gold. 1500-1599 Rank Points.
  • Platinum. 1600-1699 Rank Points.
  • Diamond. 1700-1799 Rank Points.
  • Ace1800-1899 Rank Points.
  • Master1900-1999 Rank Point
  • GrandMaster2000+ Rank Points.

How to push rank in PUBG Mobile to reach the Conqueror league?

Look, being a few is not a big deal. And it doesn’t take time either, it doesn’t matter if you play alone but if you play pair or team make sure you have good teammates because it matters a lot if you have a good team You will make the ace within 100 matches.

Some important tips

Everyone says don’t land on the Hotspot because the number of survivals exceeds the kill in the pushing ranks. But I recommend you get into the hotspot you learn the game in such a way that you will die instantly the second match you will waste one of your seasons better you will gain skills that will not make you play safe. (killed after playing too safe) sucks won’t be any fun)

Be aware of your game in the next season you can land in the hotspot until you reach the crown, after that you need to play a little safe as you need to survive to advance your rank needed. Keep your KD around. If you reach an ace with 1 kd or less everyone calls you a noob even if you reach ace XD

Don’t mess with your controls and sensitivity, changing it too often will ruin your game.

ways to get kills

  1. Third party is one of the easiest ways to get kills when two squads are fighting dont let that opportunity go snipe from a perfect distance or just rush when you have the advantage.
  2. move towards the air drop.use it as a bait or just snipe at it make sure you wont get sandwiched between two squads. even if you dont get kills u end up getting air drop loot

At last one last tip play this game for fun and to improve your skills. Even a platinum player can play better than an ace player. tier is not only the way to judge what kind of player he is unless he is in conqueror.

Each level requires the user to compete with other users on different maps and progress through five levels. The game assigns you a different rank for each game mode based on your performance in singles, duets or squad modes. It also takes into account whether the game was in first person perspective (FPP) or third person perspective (TPP). So, let us check out some of the strategies that you can use to improve your rank in PUBG Mobile.

Yes and No, this duo will not rise in rank if you are playing a team. If you want to get the title of ACE or champ, you only have to play and rise in doubles, if you want to move up the ranks you can also play doubles vs singles. Don’t blame random players.

To reach the winner, you must be among the top 500 players in your region. To check your current rank; You can follow these steps:

Click on the current season icon at the bottom of the home screenThen click on rank below your tierYou can see your current rank in your region there

As the season progresses, the number of points required to reach the winner changes, as it depends on the points of the other players. You need to reach the Ace tier first, and then you need to try to get as many positive points as possible to reach the winner, and usually, require an average of 4200 points, but as mentioned above It may change depending on other players. numbers