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The Best Game of the Year 2022

The year 2022 will prove to be the best year fir gaming. Due to pandemic, people are preferring to avoid going out and spending most of their time at home. While sitting at home, online and offline gaming is one of the best pass time.

So, let me list the most popular and anticipated online/offline games in 2022:

1. Resident Evil Village

This game has become my favorite RE game since I played it! The graphics are phenomenal and the game’s plot is awesome when played in an open and beautifully designed world. The enemies are more unique than in RE7 or some other RE games and had their own abilities and difficulties.

Exploring the village and its other locations is very enjoyable and has the unique twist of having 4 mighty lords, Mother Miranda as the main villain and Megamycete. The twist of this game is what connects all RE games because the virus and mold that originated in the village is also cool and the rest is up to you to find out.

First person view is also good yet it has some problems. The weapons, battles and battles are also well made and well worth it. Merchant or Duke is also really helpful and has more options. The boss fights are also amazing, despite having more boss fights than RE7, it’s also oddly easy to beat.

Puzzles are also unique and differ in different special ways but however straightforward and easy the hints can be. Fear and horror are also both terrifying and terrifying, with unexpected jumpscares, adrenaline and an aura of horror while exploring, never knowing what, when, where or how it will happen. The idea of ​​making this a survival horror game is cool yet highly focused.

The depth and information behind all the characters are well described and shown here, especially for Ethan, Lady Dimitrascu, Mithar Miranda and more but some are still missing and for the next game or find us have been left for. The mercenary mode and other gameplay modes are also nice and even the game has models of every character, items and enemies that you can buy, it’s also a cool concept.

The songs and soundtrack used are awesome and memorable, mixing a new and original hits in their own way. The story concept for the introduction and credits is also unique and I swear I got coralline vibes from it. The cutscenes and actions are really amazing and oh, all the items, treasures, weapons and the finished product are still unique.

Although the game has issues with the action movement, camera and some major issues in the game, it is still a terrible and legendary game for us. The voice actors also did a great job and the story, plot and overall is surprisingly good and memorable. I love it and recommend it to all the other gamers out there.

I hope we get a DLC soon about the Four Lords (which are currently confirmed to be made) or could the famous Lady Dimitrescu, Ethan, be the other Lords? And moved on to the next game but it all depends on the developers and hope you all enjoy this game as much as we do.

2. Hitman 3

This is the best in the series because the maps in the reboot series are so good that they finally learned how to make the quests fun and not 2 targets please kill them. Provided you’re still hitting the target, the maps throw in some cool moments like a murder mystery or 10 targets that you have to find on your own, without any help from Diana.

If you own the first 2 games, they can be played inside Hitman 3 with completely remastered graphics and you can also collect rewards in the first 2 game maps from Hitman 3 levels. My only problem with the game was the price of 50 quid which gets you about 7 hours of gameplay, now I love every map in this game unlike Hitman 1 and 2 which had some maps that I despised but it Now the dice is too small for the tag.

You can get it on sale or better yet get all 3 games in one bundle and marathon all 3 of them are a great package especially if you’re like me and never the first and second games until now the story is playing it all in one game.

Although I would say the DLC looks really lame it gives you atm, which is nothing I see when I use the basic org given to me by the map, if it has any At the point the map is included so it might be worth picking up but not at the asking price it’s just crazy they think this game is worth 50 quid which is 6 maps 1 witch a tutorial and “extra” missions There’s loads that just amount to kills.

This guy with item X isn’t really fun stuff on witch detection unless you’re the kind who likes to go for 100%.

3. Far Cry 6

I’m in love with Far Cry. This is the game all Far Cry fans wanted. It includes all the improvements that Far Cry 3 has had until Far Cry New Dawn. Easily compare the camp building feature and taxi missions to the distant new dawn which were new features in that game.

Also some of the highest abilities can be linked to the perks that New Dawn received after eating the fruit from Joseph Seed. But overall the concept of Supremo is fun. Also glad to see that they kept both the weapon buying concept from the old games and the crafting concept for both resolver weapons and weapon attachments that we got to see in the new dawn.

However I love how they have incorporated the unique weapon rewards behind the side missions, main missions, and treasure hunts. It’s already been there to get unique weapons as part of the main mission concept and it’s wonderful to get them as rewards from side missions.

Love the resolver weapons too. As for the Amigos, will always remember the cheeseburger and peaches but I’m glad Boomer has fc5 as its link. Also I like Oluso. For the first time ever, we have a fang for hire with super powers. The triple weapon takes the whole game to a whole different level.

I prefer to use the LA varita only on tanks and helicopters. Because on normal enemies they are also OPs. Plus this time you can drive a tank and a buggy that can fly. With regards to the art design, I just love it and the title I remember most when playing fc6 is fc3. Green island vegetation.

I’m a big fan of the Far Cry series and have played almost all of the titles and I think Ubisoft did a really great job of combining all the pros from the previous games into fc6. And the gameplay and the whole story feel a lot more realistic than the previous games provided you haven’t done Triada side quests.

Twist and turns make you feel like you are watching a TV series. With regards to checkpoints, I think it was a clever trick to split it into different types. There are best checkpoints for free, one can use all the imagination out there how to approach them secretly.

Also now the general benefits have been linked to the outfits which makes it much better as you need to select the outfits as per your needs instead of buying and getting all the benefits from perk magazines or tattoos. Regarding the atmosphere and music of the game, I would just like to say 1 thing, it is refreshing to hear a Pitbull driving a Porsche through the cliffs, settlements and cities of Yara.

Also horse riding is a thing now and the cockfighting mortal fighting genre and mini games of dominoes are great ways to remember the time you lost a poker match in fc3. Los Bandidos is another additional mini game that involves a lot of decision making and rewards components needed to build attachments.

Another wonderful improvement is the third person view inside the camp and holding your gun lets you pass through enemy territory provided you don’t trespass. Overall this is an amazing game and I give it 10/10 Give.

4. Halo Infinite

Ever since I started playing Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001, this series has been closest to my heart. Even after 20 years of how this franchise thrives despite Halo 5: Guardians’ faded story, I’m very pleased to say that Halo Infinity is an amazing game.

Halo Infinity is (in my opinion) one of the best Halo games ever released. The story is amazing, beautiful and very emotional, being the first Halo game to make me tear up since Halo 3. All the characters they introduce and all that are cute and varied, reminds me a lot of the characters from Halo 2.

The gameplay is perfect, the best ever in the series. The art styles of Halo 4, 5, and Halo Wars 2 weren’t the best, but Halo Infinite returns to the original style that’s orgasmic. Vidya is wonderful and everything is perfect. Although the missions are not replayable unless you want to start the campaign again, this is a boring one, but most games follow this path like Destiny 2, Persian, Assassin’s Creed, so most Live service game.

With this being a live service, I expect the Story DLC to grow like an Arbiter DLC or Flood DLC. I love this game to death and I will for the next 10 years. Similar to the multiplayer campaign, the gameplay is flawless, the guns feel good, the running feels amazing, the maps are amazing. It’s just wonderful.

Although the lack of a progression system and XP is slow-growing, I personally don’t believe that’s the point. The multiplayer is amazing in almost every aspect. I was invested enough to play in Ranked Mode and reach Diamond. Some weapons need to be buffed like a rager but I still love everything about it.

Conclusion Halo Infinite as a whole is definitely about to hit the shelves as one of the best Halo games ever. This is from someone who has played every game perfectly and has been playing it since the beginning. 343, however your mishaps with Halo 4 and Halo 5, I can proudly say that you, 343 Industries have not only made Halo games, but one of the best Halo games out there.

Edit Halo Infinite, even about a month before release, the game keeps getting updated events, the new playlist selector is amazing, and the leaked DLC Halo: The Endless only makes it a big point that Halo Infinity will grow and expand. Best hello game ever.

Thank you 343, you brought my childhood back in 2021 and onwards. I love you 343, and for the Halo fanbase, this game just isn’t perfect, but we all know with time, it will be. This will be my last review until the DLC comes out. If you like my reviews, check out my Call of Duty Vanguard and Destiny 2 reviews.

I will start a channel where I will go deeper about these games. Look for Vaughn on youtube, have a nice day!

5. Back 4 Blood

That’s why I see a lot of reviews comparing it to 4 dead made by the same studio and they are similar games. I totally understand this approach but I think it hits a bit too much of people’s criticism so I’m just going to focus on the game and not drag it back into the Left 4 Dead series.

Now I played the beta quite a bit and there were quite a few bugs which were very frustrating. I couldn’t swap weapons, the AI ​​would get stuck quite often but as it was in beta, it was acceptable. But as the game is now fully released, I was able to experience the finished product and I must say I am very happy with it.

The graphics are superb. I love the environment and surfing through the easiest difficulty levels just to enjoy the sights. The guns are very satisfying to use with their sound design and all feel fair to their damage output, accuracy etc. Which ones you use is down to preference as they are all viable options and can pair well with the right cards.

Although the AI ​​is still a bit poor. They’re better now, also using grenades and molotovs and healing items, but still sometimes get stuck on fence posts you name. As far as enemy AI is concerned they are great to go against. Some particular infected are OP more than others but I think they are all quite challenging.

In terms of the risk and reward aspect of the game, it fits in perfectly. Only 3 difficulty but definitely fit how they are named. And rewards are supply points that you can use to skins for better cards (and they’re not purchasable) actually motivating players to stay in games regardless of the losing season in an effort to win those points gives.

During the beta, I was extremely confused by the card system and found it to be really fragmented. But since the games have been released, it is much simpler and easier to understand. I like the abundance of cards that allow cooperatives a full range of tactics. It’s also important to talk to teammates about what you’ll bring if you’re going for the toughest difficulty.

Trying out several different decks is satisfying because they can have a huge impact on how well missions go. I give 4 to this game because it’s not perfect. I am a huge shooter fan and a long time zombies fan and this game has everything I want in a zombie, level game.

Only Slip Up game still has some bugs but if you play with full team of friends and you like to find different strategy to win and win then you will not have any problem and will love this game.

I recommend everyone to at least try this game. It’s a great game to meet other players (especially since its crossplay) and play with current friends.

6. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Definitely a must have for any sci-fi, action and adventure gaming fan as you get a trilogy of iconic games with great story and now more included. If you already have Trilogy for PS3 or Xbox 360, should you get it? Definitely yes and some of the major reasons the first one is the loading time is because you no longer have to wait as long or when the game loads the second the extra dlc and extra spots here and there mostly extra npc better around the area.

Light and less wonky graphics that you will see from time to time. The graphical upgrades have been greatly improved because I wanted to see that there was a huge difference in quality in both frame rate and detail when I tried to put the ME2 on the PS3 version. The mechanics are pretty much the same from the original so there’s no need to learn new button layouts when I play them with the exception of re-learning them and I’m sure many other gamers haven’t played the game in a while.

Also the plot of the overall story follows the trilogy nicely until the end and while some found the trilogy finale mixed overall, I think it fits the game’s narrative quite well. So for the three games and the entertainment you get, I’d definitely say this collection is worth adding to any gamer’s library.

Just to make a point for people getting the Xbox One version. The physical copy actually consists of two discs, one containing the installation data for the first game and partly the second and then another that holds the rest of the second game and then the third. However if you have good internet and your console is online you will be able to download the second and third games digitally once in the main menu without using a second data installation disc.

So in the end the second installation disc is just to finish installing the second and third games with the dlc, but after doing that you won’t have to worry about switching discs when playing again. Don’t just throw it away, though you never know when you might need it, so remember to keep it somewhere safe.

7. Battlefield 6

Llamas and people were talking all this bad about Cod Vanguard. Man there is no campaign for this game. At least Call of Duty took the time to run the campaign in its game. I want to completely trash this game the day after I bought it. Let me start by saying that there are only 7 maps in this game man. It’s bad I mean really bad.

The frame rate of this game online is absolutely terrible. which has no meaning. You only have the option of playing online, don’t you think a company like Dice will be able to take out all the kinks. He could have. He clearly didn’t try. This game was clearly done in a hurry. I know why I spent 60 on this game, not the pawn legit.

Another thing is that these maps are ridiculously large and bigger doesn’t mean better. Sometimes you’ll be running for 15 minutes before you find someone. The movement is not fluid at all. Weapon’s bloom is awesome, even with the most recent update. These operators are just corny.

The only thing that is “special” about these operators is they literally have a perk in the form of 1 gadget. It was nothing for the company to make a big deal in the first place. And I don’t think those gadgets are benefiting me in any way in this game. You want a real battlefield experience Play Battlefield 3 or 4 Play Battlefield 1 or Battlefield V.

Bad company is also good. By no means should you buy this game, you will regret it. They clearly just wanted money on it, no clue why. Simply satisfy your fan base and don’t just crank out games for digital downloads, don’t spend time in them. People are feeling cheated. Now since there is no campaign, all the dice and EA’s are going to be the focus, you know. “Stuff” lolz this is ridiculous.

Don’t confuse me I’m not saying that Vanguard was a great game by any means. But it was better than this game no doubt. And in my opinion next time Dice and EA should make a more modern shooter and make it Battlefield 6 which would have been a better choice.

I get it if your running out of ideas but man this is a really bad game. And don’t feel bad for the dice and it’s just bullshit. The companies that make these games make billions and I mean billions out of our $60. I see really dumb reviews. Have some sympathy for these developers of these games. They are trying very hard. are you crazy? These companies are extremely wealthy.

It doesn’t make any sense. Remember the dice and I want 6 battlefields next time. A modern shooter on the new console. Another setting you could do is the Vietnam War. I don’t know why you guys as a company didn’t think in that direction. The game would have had some grounding that the person playing the game could relate to.

Now I am stuck with it. A futuristic military shooter that’s already hard to relate to. Without a campaign that makes it even more difficult to relate to.

8. Minecraft

The phrase “build it, and they will come” is more true than ever with Minecraft, the survival-based sandbox RPG that has now been bought over 100 million times since its 2009 release. In it, you can build your own world with resources you find in the wild, or discover existing resources created online by other players.

In Minecraft, you can either limit yourself to the many tools and blocks offered by the developer, Mojang, or you can actually install mods to cash in on your investment. In addition, sometime in 2022, you’ll be able to take part in the Super Duper Graphics Pack, an optional piece of DLC that provides more realistic lighting effects and textures for an already amazing game.

9. Resident Evil 2

This is a really cool update for one of my favorite Resident Evil games. There’s a new over-the-shoulder control scheme that feels more like a modern video game, and it tackles the same tense exploration and puzzle solving that made me fall in love with the original in the late ’90s.

Zombies feel much more menacing and can sometimes take a handful of bullets to take down, only to come back 20 seconds later. The way enemies react to your bullets is shockingly brutal – zombies will be crawling around with no arms or legs until you eliminate them for good.

Other iconic enemies like the Licker and Mr. X make their return, and I really like the new, terrifying ways they’ve been implemented in the remake. Classic locations like the Police Station and Umbrella Lab are updated with new passageways and gates that lead to other familiar sections, and I really enjoy the newly changed layout to make more logical sense.

I wish some extended sections, like sewers, were a little less tedious though. But it’s a great remake that Resident Evil fans will love replaying, and it’s a game that even newbies will finally enjoy.

10. Doom Eternal

Let’s just start by saying that this is a fantastic, exhilarating and brutal FPS. As someone who hasn’t been through Doom before, I was a little worried about what I’d think, but I liked it. I’ll break it down into a few categories Gameplay, Story, and Aesthetic.

Gameplay: This game is so incredibly fluid. The controls make it easy to bounce around the battlefield and destroy monsters every step of the way. It’s easy to switch between weapons, use equipment, and chain together attacks to wipe out hordes of monsters. The bosses are challenging, the secrets are fun to discover, and Slayer Gates offers a unique challenge with the promise of a reward when all of them are completed. The only downside I found is how intense it can be. It’s a game that I enjoyed playing for a few hours, taking a break, and coming back, as opposed to completing it all in one go. This is just a personal choice of a casual gamer, however, your experience may vary. 9/10

Story: Like I said, this was my first doom experience so I didn’t know I would be engaged, but I loved it. The amount of lore hidden around the world was amazing, and really brought the player into the slayer world. I know some people disliked the use of cut scenes in the game, but I thought they were a pleasant respite from the action and helped make sense of the story, especially if you had to cut all your Codex entries mid-game. I do not feel like reading. Fortress of Doom also made the character feel more real than I expected.

10/10 Aesthetics: Beautiful, brutal, terrifying fun all around. Being able to see the damage done to individual monsters is incredibly cool, and adds a pseudo-health bar that’s so irresistible. The environments are massive and well thought out. I really enjoyed watching the game as I played it and took the time to take in the visuals. Plus the music is so intense and perfect for the game experience. 10/10 Overall, it’s a great game, well worth the money, and it’s a huge replay when you try to collect everything, play with cheat codes, and master the game. has value. 9.5/10