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PUBG New State adding the most electric vehicle in the world 2022

PUBG: New State is a futuristic take on the PUBG mode. Bugatti’s Rimake Never is a forward-thinking electric supercar – the world’s fastest, in fact. This is the perfect match.

As shown in the short teaser, the shiny and fast car is coming to New State in the game’s first official crossover for the mobile game. The video description states that it will allow players to “dominate the streets of Troi” when they get behind the wheel, and it’s not hard to imagine some skill on the road with a supercar during a battle royal. There’s no exact date for the vehicle’s arrival, but developer Crafton says it is “soon”.

PUBG: New State is adding the fastest electric car in the world

Crafton has announced a new partnership with European carmaker Bugatti Remake, which will introduce one of the fastest sports cars in the PUBG New State. The game will get a new update later this month, which will bring a Bugatti remake Navarra and more new content.

The new sports car will also be added to the PUBG New State Shop as part of a limited-time themed crate. This is the first PUBG New State partnership since the game was launched in November 2021.

Upcoming pubg new status update brings remake navra to troi map. Players will be able to find the car and take it on a test drive. The Navara is an electric vehicle with 1,914 horsepower and a top speed of 258 mph, which allows it to reach a quarter mile in just nine seconds.

Talking about the new collaboration, Minkyu Park, Executive Producer, PUBG New State said, “We are extremely excited to announce our first collaboration and to have Bugatti-Rimaq, an innovative and iconic car brand with us, is indeed a great experience. It’s an honor. To start the new year. This is a historic collaboration for us and adding Rimake Navarra to the game will help to electrify the fun, intensity and experiences of the game for our fans.”

Crafton Inc. has revealed a brand new crossover for PUBG: New State as they have partnered with Bugatti Remake to add a new car. The two have come together to bring the Remake Navara to the game, giving you the ability to walk around in a virtual version of the fastest production car you can drive today.

A great vehicle for a quick getaway, even when you’re on an island with nowhere to go. Like a lot of content added to the pubg series, we’re guessing it won’t last forever, so jump in and give it a try before it disappears. Here is some additional information from both the companies about this new crossover.

A limited time crate around Navarra will also be added to the in-game shop. The Remake Crate will include five different colors for the card: Never Blue, Gunpowder Grey, Prism Glow, Sunburst Red, and Luminous Gold.

This is the first partnership for the new PUBG: New State game since its launch in November. Its sister game, PUBG Mobile recently released Arcane: A League of Legends Story, Godzilla vs. Kong, and has partnered with the Metro franchise for in-game events. The game’s creators, Crafton and Tencent Games, recently won a $10 million lawsuit against a hacking group that distributed cheats for the game.