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Garena Free Fire MAX: Best Tips to Increase Headshot Percentage 2022

Garena Free Fire Max is here and follows the same controls as the standard version of the game. So, for existing players, it’s basically not a problem. However, for players who are new to the mechanics of the game, there are a few things that you might need to understand to get better at the game.

Be it Garena Free Fire Max, BGMI or Call of Duty Mobile, these multiplayer games rely heavily on headshots. You will need to take headshots to kill the enemy quickly. This is something that comes naturally to those who play the game for a long time. However, for novices, it can be frustrating to land those headshots in the beginning.

To play on the computer, you need to use a special Bluestacks emulator. To download the game, you need to visit the official site of the emulator (the link of the game is given in the top page). If the player does not have an emulator, then when downloading the game, the system itself will offer to install the emulator. After the offer to install Bluestacks, the user needs to enter the path on the PC where the program will be installed.

Minimum system requirements for Bluestacks:

  1. The operating system is Windows 7.
  2. Intel or AMD microprocessor.
  3. RAM – 2GB.
  4. 5GB of free hard disk space.
  5. Correctly installed drivers on the user’s computer.

After the first launch of the program, it is recommended to set the monitor resolution in the settings, which corresponds to the screen resolution of the player. Then it is advisable to log in to Bluestacks. You can do this through a Google account. In the future, if you need to download games, this account will automatically be linked to the Play Market.

pay attention to headshots

In the first hours of play, it is normal for a player to be satisfied with hitting only the most basic shots. As long as you knock down opponents and win the battle, the outcome is good enough. However, if a user really wants to improve his aim, he should try to shoot enemies in the head.

Headshots do more damage than shots fired at opponents’ bodies. Since the impact area of ​​the head is much smaller than a human’s torso, these shots are far more challenging to hit, but practice makes perfect. Aim whenever you get a chance and practice hitting the head when trying to hit.

Train in the Lobby

Before each Free Fire match begins, players gather in a loading lobby while waiting for the room to be completed for the match to begin. In the meantime, take the opportunity to shoot a lot, because there is no penalty for missing a shot or getting shot.

Using this lobby for training allows you to practice with the firing rates of different weapons. See which players are moving around and try to hit progressively more difficult targets.

How To Increase Highest Headshot Percentage In Free Fire?

To join higher level groups or tournaments in Free Fire, the headshot rate must be increased. When it comes to headshots it is a reflection of the skill and dedication of the player. However, some players do not care about headshot rates and only maintain their KD. It is basically possible to increase the headshot rate by dealing head damage to your opponent.

However, this is not easy to implement, if you win with headshot kills in one game but lose with zero kills in another game, the headshot rate will drop. To fully enjoy the game, it is essential to know how to increase the highest headshot percentage in Free Fire.

Tips To Increase Highest Headshot Percentage In Free Fire

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rotate after engagement

The golden rule of sniping in Free Fire is to rotate after each engagement. Staying in one position after shooting a few rounds is a bad idea, as opponents can either turn the position or attack from behind.

The spin will protect players from getting shot in the back or running with heavy force. Additionally, by repeated turns, they can assume a new position in view of the old one and establish a kill zone for enemy players in the area.

Silencers are good

When stealth isn’t needed, Muzzles work great on a sniper in Free Fire. However, when trying to stay away from mini-maps, using a silencer is the best way to hide and keep the element of surprise.

Additionally, if users miss a shot with a silencer as with a sniper, the sound of the image is not heard on the mini-map, and they are free to try shooting again without worry.

Strive one shot headshots solely

There are two types of free fireplace headshots, specifically, a one-shot headshot and a drag headshot. If you want to improve your headshot charge, it’s best to choose one-tap headshots at all times as an alternative to drag headshots.

Doing so will definitely improve your headshot charges. Whenever you select drag headshots, many pictures are not aligned properly and bullets get attached to the body. Thus, you won’t get a headshot kill or get bullets lodged in the heads of enemies. Next, it’s best to choose one-shot headshots, that is, in close-quarters fights it’s important to hit them with just one shot.