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5 tips to get more Booyahs and diamonds in Free Fire MAX 2022

This is the complete guide on how to get Booyahs in Free Fire Max Ranked Mode quickly with minimal efforts. I will share the quick techniques that every pro player uses to win almost every match in ff max. I’m not sure if you’ll get the buoy or not, but these techniques will help you in a way that if you’re too tired of the finish, your chances of winning will increase.

Are you a hardcore Free Fire Max player or just getting started with the game? Either way, Diamonds allow you to get the most out of the game and here, we have listed the best ways to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire Max. So whether you want to try your luck at Lucky Wheel or buy the Elite Pass, you’re going to need diamonds.

It is like cp in cod mobile and nc in pubg new state. In-game currencies allow you to explore the premium side of the game for a fee. However, most people may find it off the charts to try or spend real money on the game. They’re definitely in luck because we’ve put together the best ways to get diamonds without top-ups in Free Fire Max. So, without any further ado, let us take a look at them all.

5 tips to get more Booyahs in Free Fire MAX

Do you feel stressed about being the last permanent person on your team? Don’t worry because you can add a full squad to Free Fire Max with these professional tips and tricks. You can still eliminate all enemies to get to the buoy alone.

Play with a well-coordinated crew

Participating solo in Free Fire place MAX is often what most enthusiastic gamers do. Nonetheless, playing with a well-coordinated team is essential to truly experiencing the game. This not only makes the title more gratifying but also increases the chances of being successful.

More gamers means more skill, allowing customers to take advantage of each situation. With a little planning and teamwork, they’ll use it to secure the buoy in every match.

Max out character skills and pets

While abilities play an important part in combat, being a very good character makes a lot of difference. Players can use their skills to realize a tactical advantage and increase their chances of winning.

To go a step further, players must max out their pets in Free Fireplace Max. Although they do not offer direct combat advantages, they do have some advantages in skill.

Do not play with random teammates

You should avoid playing in rank mode with random teammates. As Free Fire Max is a battle royale because many people like to play with other unknown people. Many people will have success with random companions around. But most of the time it will end in disaster due to lack of communication, strategy and execution.

Do not become too aggressive or too passive

There is a personal option to play in Free Fire Max. Some players like to play aggressively while some prefer to play passively. But going to the extreme of any playing style can get you bad results in your ranking. Instead of playing too aggressively or too passively, you should find a sweet spot between them. You must know when to fight and when to take cover to avoid third party attacks.

Bait To Kill Another Enemy

After knocking down an enemy, you can use it to lure other players into the enemy squad. His partner will try to revive him after knocking him down. Therefore, you should not immediately confirm that murder. Instead, use the knocked player to lure the enemy and kill further.

You can pretend that you have run away by changing your position. Then, find a place to clear a full squad.