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Deathloop review 2022

Deathloop (PlayStation 5) is my pick for best FPS of 2022 and in my top 3 for best games released in 2022 (besides R&C Rift and Psychonauts 2. It has a complicated story and a loop) Which gets even better) The more you play the more bang! It is very well done, the story is good but the gameplay is top notch.

You can choose to attack the visionary anyway you see fit; This allows you to excel in stealth gameplay if you want to take it slow and stealthy. If you want to run and gun, the game allows you to do so in style, with dual weapons, shotguns and even snipers so you can shoot your way through anything! The PS5 makes this game absolutely phenomenal on my 43-inch 4K TV and the 60 fps makes every slight motion feel smooth like a hot knife through butter.

The real weirdness comes from the Dual Sense controller; Haptics are really on the next level! Every little vibration is felt, but the best of all reactive triggers makes every shot feel like it’s coming straight from your fingers.

When the game was first released there were some bugs but not game breaking or anything like that, luckily it has been patched several times over the past few months and now the game is perfect.

You will fall in love with black rock and enjoy its ability to wreak havoc on visionaries. Hands down the best FPS of 2022 and one of the best PS5 games yet. You will not regret playing through such an amazing game!

Deathloop gameplay tips: What you need to know as you begin

Deathloop is a lot like being immediately taken to an open-air Nigerian market – it’s beautiful, messy, confusing… and there’s no place where you would be. Between the art style and retro-futuristic deco, it’s hard to tell if you’ve seen it all before.

But as it turns out, it’s clear there’s something unique here, not the least of which is the vocals and great voice acting. The bubble-top flavor of a nostalgic America that never fused into an urban edgy that works well, especially when you can imagine a thousand other combinations where it wouldn’t have otherwise.

The gunplay is satisfying, the mechanics and physics are well implemented, and the story is uniquely told. I guess if you’re dropped into a multiplayer scenario, it’ll be frustrating to find it all out with a lot of success in the beginning.

But the single player introduction, as it stands (content that stands up well enough on its own), gives an opportunity to take it at its own pace. In other words, “Dear single player, don’t let the fact that this game has multiplayer deter you. Attacking from other players is an option, not a requirement to enjoy the game.”

The way to get the most out of the game isn’t to be the player who peeks through every corner and collects every piece of memorabilia, (at least at first). Just enjoy it, take the risk, and don’t limit yourself to being a perfectionist. There’s plenty of time for that later.

I love formulas that work, and that’s why I’m not interested in games that go too far, brimming creativity over substance. But it’s one that goes far enough to keep you playing over and over again, while keeping many of the mechanics we’ve come to enjoy most as gamers.

Whether you fall in love with it or not, it’s hard for me to imagine that anyone who’s been gaming for years would regret going on this journey. And with that, the less you know, the better… enjoy!

Why Deathloop’s Reviews Are So Good (But Not On Steam)

In my opinion for me the game is an absolute headache to follow and piece together small side missions, an overload to read in a very messy information system and it can quickly become an overwhelming bore and frustration.

If you like the Dishonored series like me and enjoyed playing any of them, you’ll feel right at home, mechanically it’s great fun especially on the PS5, with double the feel of a silenced pistol.

Getting the head shot with Sensational PUN is intended and if you want you can play all the way without doing all the other things and just kill the visionaries which is good but if I’m being completely honest it’s Extremely easy I’ve only died from a turret that I missed and or got to take off without overriding it before slipping into a fight, but other than that it’s just humiliating with guns and the built-in deathloop feature that Enemies are mediocre and visionaries are no joke, a complete cake walk.

However locating the quest content of all sides and doing the entire time of day and location is significantly more challenging than getting through the game fumbling through menus and digesting the overload of information a bit back and forth.

is for me Overall the game is fun, but for me it’s one that I can only tolerate in small doses here and there before I find myself either frustrated trying to figure out a side quest or mostly I’m seriously bored because of the side quests.

Side note: The game is beautiful too. I absolutely love the world design, colors and settings, it’s in my opinion absolutely gorgeous, especially the beach that resets after you die.