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New Alpine map in Free Fire: All you need to know

OB31 update is live in game and every day introduce new events and players are getting many exciting rewards. Before the release of OB31, some news was leaked about the arrival of the new map in the upcoming update. Now this leaked news has been confirmed.

The developers have not made any maps available for the players in the recent update. Whereas most of the players are bored of playing the same battle royale map over and over again. So, after considerable requests, the developers have finally decided to drop a new map and re-promote the title.

Players should be excited as their most awaited new map is being introduced in the game soon. According to reports, the new map is named Alpine and it will be a mix of all the old maps like Bermuda, Purgatory and more.

After a long gap, now we will have the best chance to experience the new map. In this article, we are going to share all the information about the upcoming Alpine Map.

Garena Free Fire to release its new Alpine map on 1st January 2022

Dubai, 27 December 2021: Free Fire players in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region can look forward to New Era Day with the much-anticipated and permanent alpine map to be released on January 1, 2022.

After weeks of Blizzard and hard-won battles in the frost, Free Fire’s New Age campaign will enter an exciting finale as it reinvents its new, permanent spring-themed alpine map with limited-time activities and missions. launches.

Starting today, MENA players will be able to get a sneak-through of an immersive experience on the new Spring Map via a dedicated site in-game, and unlock mini-adventures as they explore the various regions.


Along with this, the developer of the game is also going to launch a new map Alpine for Garena players on January 1. Let us tell you that Alpine is a southern island. It was a fishing village before it became a military outpost during the Winter War.

River estuary

In this area, the houses are distributed in order, making it easy to identify who you are. Players can easily collect the materials they need to arm themselves in River Mouth, but they can also cross paths with the enemy at a street corner.


Here the central hall is the competition venue and is surrounded by buildings. The layered structure makes it impossible to freely access the entrance to the building, and the layers must enter the realm of the foundation from the steps.

Fire Free: Alpine Map

Alpine is a southern part of the island and was originally a fishing village before becoming an army outpost during the Winter War, where the team’s elite fought hard against the villains Mr. Red and the Yeti over a stolen energy corps Was. Important features of Alpine include:

Vantage: The vantage area is made up of several buildings and various structures that make several wide streets easily accessible. The warehouse in downtown has become an important part of the conflict.

Railroad: The Railroad Zone has several cabins on the platform. If you are on the platform or the main station, the Commanding Height flyover is a crux for a contentious question. There is no safe zone in this area, and players must always be on the alert to avoid falling prey to others.

Free Fire New Age: New Map and Storyline

The new terrain alpine will be anticipated for FF New Age campaign participants, but more will be provided in the coming weeks. According to the New Age campaign on his YouTube account.

“A cataclysmic blizzard has landed on new territory, the Alpine, threatening to turn everything into snow.” In the midst of the pandemic, Team Elite, consisting of Wolfrah, Misha and Mr. Vagor, embarks on a mission to deliver an energy core in hopes of warming the Alpine. Several tragic incidents occurred when several criminals stole the energy core, trapping the island and all survivors in an icy-cold winter and.

The Free Fire New Age campaign website reads, “The survivors are now left to protect themselves from the imminent danger and danger that await them in the cold while exploring unexplored territory.”