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Top 5 best weapons in COD Mobile 2022

Top 5 best weapons in COD Mobile 2022: Call of Duty Mobile has been one of the most played games of all time. Players are trying to ask many question related to COD Mobile recently. So to help them out, we are unable to answer some of their doubts here.

Players have been trying to ask a lot of questions about COD Mobile lately. They are currently asking the question which is the best gun in cod mobile. This is because the makers have added many different guns to use in the game.

But choosing the best gun in cod mobile depends on the type of gameplay. So to help out the players, we have listed several different guns that we think are the best gins in COD Mobile. So without any delay, let’s get to know about the best guns in COD mobile.

mid level:


Mono Suppressor, Longest Barrel, VLK Optic, Commando Foregrip, 60 Round Mag. This gun is full meta in Season 5 right now, and for good reason. The bullet velocity and range is one of the best in its class. The return is easy to control. This is just a standard well rounded weapon. That’s all.


Monolithic suppressor, stock M-16 Grenadier, commando foregrip, 60 round mag and optic of your choice. I prefer the holo sight with the blue dot. If you want to play faster you can opt for the optic out for the TAC laser or replace the M-16 barrel with a Corvus Custom. The iron sights are very clean. If you’re running irons, I recommend XRK Blueprint for even more clean sites. You can’t go wrong rocking the M4. It is considered the standard bread and butter gun.


Monolithic suppressor, longest barrel, commando foregrip, 60 round mag and optic of your choice. It’s a contender for the M4 because the accuracy is unmatched. It has a slower TTK (Time to Kill) than the M4 but is a top-notch weapon due to its higher rate and accuracy. Fire weapons have a high rate of meta right now because the more shots you throw at someone, the more they fall, making it harder for them to aim. The M-13 also has a high headshot multiplier that rewards accurate players.


Monolithic Suppressor, Nexus Barrel or Longest Barrel, 60 Round Mag, Commando Foregrip, TAC Laser. Basically a more accurate M4 with better range. The TTK falls a bit short of the M4 but with its higher range and accuracy, it gives the M4 a run for its money. Even after the nerfs, players are still using Gru for its easy recoil controls and clean iron sights.


Monolithic Suppressor, TAC Laser, VLK Optic, Snatch Grip (best attachment in the game), and sleight of hand. After the Bruen Nerfs, the PKM has become dominant in the battlefield. It has the same rate of fire as the Bruen but has a faster ttk in all ranges. The reason I don’t add barrels to PKM is because the additional damage range doesn’t change BTK (shoot bullets) because there are only two damage dropoffs in PKM.

The ad speed of this setup is insane for an LMG and the use of sleight of hand eliminates the biggest downside (reload speed) of the weapon. The speed of this weapon is the slowest, but switching to your secondary to get into position reduces this problem completely. Another downside is that since we’re not using a barrel, the bullet’s speed is slow, so you need to move your shots slightly forward on the moving target or the target at range. Also this gun is still meta. Try this setup and thank me later.

long distance:


Monolithic suppressor, first barrel, TAC laser, ADS stock, and either 9 round mag, focus perk or sleight of hand. HDR is the best sniper for warzone. It does not have bullet drop, which makes it easy to take out targets or targets while moving from a distance. If you want to lead a moving target the max is only 1 body width. If a target is 250+ meters away, you can usually get away by aiming at the top of their head and get a headshot.

Kar 98

Monolithic Suppressor, Longest Barrel, TAC Laser, Sniper Scope, Focus Perks. It is a more skirmish sniper that can be used for mid-range combat of ARs because of its faster ADS times and flinch resistance on sniper rifles. The Kar-98 is a very high skill floor weapon as the bullet drop is much more noticeable than other snipers. Its main strength is how fast it is (ADS Speed).

Short distance:


Integrated suppressor barrel, Merck foregrip, 45 round mag, collapsible stock, SoH/stripped grip/5mw laser. The best smg for warzone hands. Undoubtedly the best short range weapon in Warzone. TTK is very fast. Your maneuverability while using this weapon is insane allowing you to outwit your opponents. Advanced movement techniques (bunny hops, camaraderie people) also have more fluid boosting outplay capability.


choke, longest barrel, 5mw laser, no stock, 12 round mag. The most hated gun in Warzone right now. This gun became meta as soon as it became ground loot and people realized how brain-dead the gun was. A kit-out origin has the lowest skill floor of any gun.

If you’re being run over by a team, put 1 choke point and spam shots once in range and you’ll literally wipe out a team if they’re dumb enough to push you. It’s so scary to push a player holding up stairs or rooms, because you never know if they have their origin.

The only way to combat this is to try to stay 10+ meters away. If your teammate dies by an enemy holding a room for one of these, don’t try to take revenge on him (unless you have an original). Play it smart. Try to stay on range and find an angle to challenge him safely. This is where C4 comes in handy.

The attachments I listed for the weapons is what many top players use. You can use any combinations of attachments you want to fit your playstyle, but this is just the best setups right now