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Best new games 2022: the biggest games coming to console and PC

Best new games 2022: Not too many recent releases have made it to our Top 10 list—which starts on the next page—but are worth a look. If you want to stay on top of new releases or if our top 10 PC games list isn’t enough for you, here are some recent top picks.

1. halo infinite

CAMPAIGN : Ever since I started playing Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001, this series has been closest to my heart. Even after 20 years of how this franchise thrives despite Halo 5: Guardians’ faded story, I’m very pleased to say that Halo Infinity is an amazing game. Halo Infinity is (in my opinion) one of the best Halo games ever released.

The story is amazing, beautiful and very emotional, being the first Halo game to make me tear up since Halo 3. All the characters he introduces and all being cute and varied, reminds me a lot of the characters from Halo 2. The gameplay is perfect, the best ever in the series. The art styles of Halo 4, 5, and Halo Wars 2 weren’t the best, but Halo Infinite returns to the original style that’s orgasmic. Vidya is wonderful and everything is perfect.

Although the missions are not replayable unless you want to start the campaign again, this is a boring one, but most games follow this path like Destiny 2, Persian, Assassin’s Creed, so most Live service game. With this being a live service, I expect the story DLC to grow like an Arbiter DLC or Flood DLC. I love this game to death and I will for the next 10 years.

multiplayer : Similar to the campaign, the gameplay is flawless, the guns feel good, the running feels amazing, the maps are amazing. It’s just wonderful. Although the lack of a progression system and XP is slow-growing, I personally don’t believe that’s the point. The multiplayer is amazing in almost every aspect. I was invested enough to play in Ranked Mode and reach Diamond. Some weapons need to be buffed like a rager but I still love everything about it.

Conclusion : Overall, Halo Infinite is definitely going to hit the shelves as one of the best Halo games ever. This is from someone who has played every game perfectly and has been playing it since the beginning. 343, however your mishaps with Halo 4 and Halo 5, I can proudly say that you, 343 Industries have not only made Halo games, but one of the best Halo games out there.

2. Forza Horizon 5 

You could argue that Playground Games with Forza Horizon essentially made the same game at least three times in a row, but while every previous version had a few things you could point to to show that it was How was imperfect, you can’t do that here.

Forza Horizon 5 is as flawless as any racer has ever come. Successfully covering such a large and ambitious sporting world for this level of quality is a great achievement and should be celebrated with some kind of festival. The festival of drives… Well, yes, you should celebrate it by playing it. It will work fine.

It’s a massive open world racer, set in beautiful, destructible environments that are nothing like the dioramas of old. The leaves flatten under your car, the seasons change, and the water splashes look like the best they’ve ever seen in a racing game.

3. inscryption

There is no right to be more immersive than this. I went into this game thinking I would dislike it. Games like My Friend Pedro and Ap Out were fine in my opinion. Devolver Digital may be to blame for stylized over substance in some of its releases. Guess not all of their games are as good as Hotline Miami or Enter the Gunjan.

However, it really is that good. It deserves to stand side by side with its top-tier titles. The sound design is amazing and the music fits into the setting perfectly. The game art direction somehow works, even if the screen shots tell me otherwise.

Its style grew on me as I started to understand sports as a whole. Won’t change the style for anyone else now. It’s super fun, the story keeps you guessing and the cast is loved. Everything fits together very well here.

This is a scary game with a very strong gameplay loop. It’s intense in all the right ways. It’s also great for gamers without much time, as it delivers often and can be played in short 10-15 minute sessions.

4. Back 4 Blood

This game rocks! I love Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, and I was expecting this game to be almost identical. This. I was disappointed at first, but I fell in love with Back 4 Blood as much as I got acquainted with it. I originally played when offline was not yet available, and it was very difficult for me.

Playing online with strangers was a struggle against a lot of unfamiliar mutations. If you play online, diversify your weapons and be sure to communicate! Otherwise, it is almost impossible to defeat the bosses. Offline is more forgiving when it comes to passing challenging levels. It’s also very easy to hear dialogue coming from characters when no one else is talking into their microphones. This is especially important when there are deadlines to complete tasks.

I didn’t understand the card system when I first played, but it makes a lot of sense now. Your characters can play according to their strength. You also have the chance to collect more cards as you play through the campaign. I really like that you customize your deck.

One big upgrade from Left 4 Dead is that you can actually see the mutation’s weak spots. For tankers and other giant monsters in Left 4 Dead, all you could do was put a mag in them and hope it did something.

This helps a lot when it comes to breakers, as they’ll make your team a whole lot faster and you’ll need a vantage point when you’re not being crushed (tip: use fragile grenades against mutations) They blow up instantly and will stun the target for a minimum of 5 seconds) I want to reiterate: This Left 4 is not dead. It is more modern and offers more personalized gameplay.

It’s really hard to like this game when you first start playing because there will be some expectations that it will be similar to Left 4 Dead. it’s very different. Obviously, the purpose of killing zombies is the same. But it’s more in the sci-fi aspect rather than real-world survival. If you’re just starting out and want to lose, don’t do it now.

Give it some more effort, preferably offline, and use different weapons. Get more familiar with the game and you’ll get better. Instead of hating what it isn’t, just appreciate what it is. It’s a really good game as long as you put in the effort. Don’t expect it to be as simple and easy as Left 4 Dead.

5. Age of Empires IV

In its current state AOE4 has a lot to offer with its odd factions. This is a throwback to 90s style RTS games in the best possible way. I haven’t played the campaign yet but have played with all the factions. The sound is good and I have no problems, the sounds complement the game well.

The graphics are adequate and nothing more, I would have liked to see better model details or model personality. The performance has been solid without slowdown on my PC. The gameplay is fun and the Rock Paper Scissors mechanics are complicated by upgrades and unique units. It feels a bit slow compared to StarCraft 2.

The 8 factions offer different styles of play and are unique beyond just a graphical re-skin. These are the best parts of the game and I hope more will be added over time and further balance for competitive multiplayer. I want online matches to be introduced to speed up the game or to have more villagers to speed up the game. Blizzard did this with SC2 and actually allowed 8-15 minutes of RTS games in the early game, which is amazing.

something negative; Basics like hotkey rebinding, UI information like the view of upgrades or unit upgrades, as well as some unit modeling need to be addressed, but I’m confident that Microsoft and Relic will continue to support this game.

Overall, pleasantly surprised and really enjoying the game and the different factions. Update: After 1 month and an update I am glad that there seems to be a roadmap for the upcoming content along with quick feedback from the developers.

Still happy with the game and happy to say that after more time with the game I’m really starting to enjoy some of the little strategies and intricacies. They still haven’t fixed all the issues mentioned above, but the game plays well and I’ve had almost no issues in multiplayer.

I’ve played through a few campaigns now; They start out as more hands on tutorials but the cinematics and storytelling are well done. I don’t play RTS for campaigns, but I will play through all of these in time.

6. Death’s Door

5 stars is never perfect, but for me it meant I had a great time playing and never felt like moving to a new game because this game was so appealing in every way. I looked online but only for the extras not for the main parts of the game like the next part in the puzzle or to get through the quests because even without the map it comes down to making sure you check every room And I like how I’ll unlock new abilities that cause me to revisit old sections to access parts I couldn’t before.

As a fan of all games I really enjoy Metroidvanias and this game takes that itch off. If you like the story and characters then you have this covered too and if you look at the comedy side you can see a deeper meaning about life and death and enjoy what you have.

If you like Zelda then you will like it, if you like Metrodvanias you will also like it so if you are thinking about this game then I say stop thinking and start playing, you will love it Won’t regret it, I know didn’t even once.

7. Hot Wheels: Unleashed

Addictive fun arcade style race game mixed with pure nostalgia the way they did the blind boxes and the timely shopping was smart, it shows that sense of childishness in these are their latest cars they have released can me in them Need any? Do I like any of them? Or you can try your luck with blind boxes which is the equivalent of your mom who surprises you with a hot wheels car.

I won’t lie the first time it looks pretty hard to get around, AI plus controlling cars But if you’re quite familiar with breaking the left foot and you have good throttle control, it’s fairly easy or any experience with any arcade racer it should come pretty quickly to you if you find yourself trying to figure it out.

You will not regret that this game is a blast. One thing I wish they would change is to add a way of quick view or always being able to see your money on the map screen at least penny bolts and stuff would be nice but not as important as always having to back out Instead of needing the map is going right back again.

Also not sure why you can’t sell or disassemble every vehicle you want.. Runs great and sounds great on PS5 and it really gets addicting.

Side note I’m sure I won’t be the only person who feels this way but I turn off trigger haptics/resistance I don’t know what it is with this game but they are too harsh for my liking even on medium Feel like sooff is working great.

8. Aliens: Fireteam Elite

It’s tempting to hold 2014’s Aliens: Isolation as the standard against which all Aliens games should be measured — smart, distilled horror where the cold, sterile order of a space station is riddled with body horror and unintentional dangers lurking in the walls. blows up. The reality is that in the 40-plus years between the original film, the series has been equally shaped by gung-ho action and slight jerkiness, and the way you can easily enjoy the later Alien movies without getting caught up. As for the original, you can enjoy foreign games without comparing them to the excellent isolation.

9. Psychonauts 2

I am glad that I got to see this gem with my cosmic eyes. Even if we only had one Psychonauts game, I would die happy; However, getting two feels like a blessing. It’s the kind of thing that defies all odds: a sequel made years after the fact that refines the original’s approach and exceeds wildly expectations.

As I sit through the credits, and the electric guitar grating near the last bit reminds me of the days of LucasArts adventures—of the weird, offbeat Americana of games like Sam and Max, Full Throttle, or Day of the Tentacle. With – I can only smile. It’s the perfect mix of working in the past with pioneering design and writing choices.

Where the first game was more juvenile, it delights in empathy and compassion. That they are the two most endangered qualities of our age not lost on me. We have grown up, and Psychonauts have grown with us. May we all be so blessed to be able to control our inner Maligula.

10. Boomerang X

Boomerangs are cool, aren’t they? Over the past few decades, we’ve seen tons of bonkers-looking video game weapons like Claude Strife’s buster sword, Samus’ hand cannon, and even Mario’s own F.L.U.D.D device. But when it comes to real-life weapons, nothing screams cool like a deadly, razor-edged boomerang. So, it’s a good job that Boomerang X centers its entire gameplay around that unique weapon.

Developed by Dang! and published by Devolver Digital, Boomerang X takes place in multiple arenas with impressive workspaces. You face wave after wave of different enemies with just one boomerang at your disposal. The game spends a little time introducing you to the basic controls before gradually adding additional abilities; During the initial group of arenas, you are taught to simply throw your boomerang and recall it; nice and easy.