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What are the best Minecraft XP Farms?

There are lots of clever ways to cut monsters to get points. However, as far as I know, the fastest way to collect experience points in a no-cheat game is to build an easy factory farm to run around 8 rows of wheat length 64 and one row of cane/bamboo, and so on A cow is a pen.

Simply put, you raise and slaughter cows to score points. It takes about 2 bundles of 64 wheat to raise 64 cows. Raising and killing those 64 cows will give you about 3 experience points when you are at 27 points. You want enough cows so that the game starts to slow down a bit.

When you can’t lift the wheat properly when it’s harvested, you’re reaching that limit. Don’t worry too much about lots of space for your cow pen. Every time you increase by 3 XP, you can cast some enchantments.

The first thing I’m fascinated by is a pickaxe, which speeds up the game a whole lot. I keep spelling until I find one with luck. At that point, you’ll be able to get tons of diamonds to make your armor.

By the time you raise about 128 cows, as well as calves, you’ll have plenty of paper canes to make when you start slaughtering cows, as long as you have an enchanting stand and 15 bookshelves to make. Don’t have 46 books.

Do not slaughter cows too early, otherwise it will slow down the growth of the cow. Better to spend a few days enlarging your flock for faster production. I usually make about 8×16 cow pens. Don’t worry about them getting fed up.

A fun monster trap that doesn’t give you XP, but gives you loot, can be created when cheats are enabled. This can also be done in the Netherlands. You create an underground pool of water, with stair access from above (or below), and a room with air in the bottom center of the pool.

No wind at the top of the pool. You’re about to drown everyone. Build a command block with TP commands to teleport everyone, including monsters and players, to a pool that’s a short distance from the breathing room. (You don’t need a command block, but it’s nifty this way. You can use just one cheat command.)

Anyway, everything drowns, except squid usually, and you collect loot/drops. It helps if you have various water spells on your boots and helmet, but it’s not absolutely necessary. If you put the button on your command block in your breathing house, you can just keep pressing the button. Here are the commands to make the most of your sinking room:

  1. Go mining.
  2. Find a dungeon. Any dungeon will do, but I personally find skeleton spawners my favorite because of their drops.
  3. First secure the spawner with torches, but do not break it.
  4. Clear the room of any valuables (such as mossy cobbles), and make it about 5*5 in area (naturally 3 or more blocks high for spawning).
  5. At this point you can make a lone door in the wall as the entrance, remove the torches, and have a nice XP farm.
  6. In case you want it a bit more automated, you could rig pistons on a low roof to push the roof down to suffocate mobs on demand (for as long as it takes to bring them down to 0.5 or 1 hearts). I’ve seen some people rig up water towers and elevators to transport the mobs and bring them into a tower and then drop them to death or almost-death, but that gets complicated.

Note that there will be lots of bycatch; skeletons will give you bones, arrows, and the occasional bow, spiders will drop spider eyes and string (suffocation doesn’t work on them, although you could manipulate lighting to make them neutral for easy killing), and zombies will drop endless rotten flesh and some iron, potatoes, and carrots.

I prefer skeleton spawners because my main weapon is a bow and always have a shortage of arrows, but rotten flesh can be sold to clerics for emeralds.

What is the best way to get XP in Minecraft?

There are lots of good answers here with lots of great information, so I’m going to answer the “underlying” question.

First, you don’t need to re-enchant when upgrading the item to Netherrite. Get a smithing table and put them both in. This will not change the magic.

Second, if you’re doing enchanting, make sure you’re doing it in the proper order. There is a great tool that will help you with this. If you google aviatran anvil calculator, you will find a website that will give you the exact order of enchantment using the minimum amount of XP (note: I am not affiliated with this, I use it all the time). If you try to make your own enchantment without finding out the least amount of XP, you’re guaranteed to use.

Aside from the standard ways to get xp in Minecraft, one of the best ways is to find an abandoned mine, where you’ll often find many mobs that can be turned into xp farms.

Sometimes these mob spawners will be so close that you can actually move the mob flow from multiple spawners to a location where you can wipe them out and collect loads of XP in the process!

A server I’m on I ran into a mine that had 7 cave spiders in total! Not all of them were big enough to build on a farm, but there were a couple that were. Here’s an example of a setup with a cave spider spawner and a zombie spawner, where both spawners would produce and flow to a central location when standing in a certain position:

This double spawner xp farm setup can rack up xp super fast and is very helpful when you have mending enchantments on your armor or tools to repair everything very quickly!

If you are looking for something easier then I would suggest going to the nether and mining nether quartz which gives a good amount of xp or maybe the best / easiest way is to build a simple afk fish farm and afk fish which can give you some good loot and a load of xp over time but it is slow.