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How to Make a Jack-o-Lantern in Minecraft

Minecraft remains a pure and compelling sandbox experience, dropping players into a blocky world filled with endless possibilities. It has no story, no missions, and no obvious hooks to drag you into the game.

Where the player is given the best experience of building the things he likes and a survival life in which the player will have to build many things and build many houses. So today this article continues the process of making a Jack-o-Lantern, one of the many items available in Minecraft that you use not only for decoration purposes but will also emit light.

Which is quite easy for the players to make because very little material is required to make it. And jack o’lanterns can be used as an underwater light source. A jack return emits more light than the torch used to make it. They emit a maximum possible brightness of 15. They provide light even when submerged under water. And we’ll cover the simple steps of making a jack-o’-lantern in this article.

Required Materials to make Jack O lantern

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The following materials are needed for players to build a Jack O lantern without which a Jack O lantern cannot be made and a carved pumpkin (and 4 pumpkin seeds in the Java version or 1 unit of pumpkin seeds in the Bedrock version) of an uncarved pumpkin But obtained by using scissors. And Jack O’Lanterns are light sources that are stronger than torches and can emit light underwater.

Because of their light level of 15, they can melt snow and ice near them. This makes them as strong in light as flowstones, Redstone lamps, and beacons, while a point higher than torches. Jack Ollantern can be used to make ice balls and iron balls as shown below. Snow Golems need Snow Blocks for their bodies, while Iron Golems require Iron Blocks. Jack o’lantern must be placed last or the golem cannot spawn. A similar Jack O lantern has many uses.

1 block of Carved Pumpkin

How to Make a Jack-o-Lantern in Minecraft

We’ll see how you can make a jack-o’-lantern in Minecraft in the spirit of Halloween. The process of making which is generally considered to be quite easy for players, here, you need to know how to make Jack O’Lantern in Minecraft to make your game more interesting, Jack O’Lantern is one such tool that can be used for underwater light sources.

So now to build Jack O lantern players first in the crafting menu, you should see a crafting area that is made up of a 3×3 crafting grid. To make Jack O’Lantern, place 1 carved pumpkin and 1 torch in a 3×3 crafting grid. When making a Jack O’Lantern, the carved pumpkin and torch must be placed in the exact pattern as in the image above.

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