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How to Make a Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft

Different types of mobs provide many useful resources. As there are also some hidden easter eggs in the game, there is a sheep involved. They are a common mob that produces wool and mutton. And this article teaches you how to make a Minecraft sheep cycle through the colors of the rainbow. Rainbow Sheep is an easter egg in the game put together by one of the original developers of Minecraft.

Using which players transform their sheep into a rainbow, which normally changes the color of the sheep all the time. And converting sheep to a rainbow color requires the player to have much less material which is quite a good thing, and rainbow sheep has been released in Minecraft’s new update 1.7. One more thing this guide will demonstrate is how to make your rainbow sheep.

Materials Required to make a Rainbow Sheep

How to Make a Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft

To make Rainbow Sheep, players will desperately need the following ingredients. If the player does not have this material, he cannot make a Rainbow Sheep.

And most importantly, these things are very easy to get in Minecraft, which is a good thing for the players. And Disco Sheep (also known as Pocket Sheep and Rainbow Sheep) can be created when a player names the spawn egg “Jock_”, or a name to give an existing sheep the name “Jock_”. uses tags. When a sheep is born, its wool will continuously cycle through 16 possible colors with a fading rainbow effect.

And the first Rainbow Sheep was the rarest in Minecraft, with a 1.0% lower chance of getting it from Tables. And a bad thing for players is whenever the wool of a rainbow sheep is cut/dropped to the color it was originally.

1 Name Tag
1 Sheep of any kind

How to Make a Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft

To start, you need to gain experience level. Then, you have to give them a name. Using a craft store, you can buy a name tag for them, so you can label them. Once you give them a name, they’ll glow in rainbow colors. Now to turn the first sheep into a rainbow

First of all, in Minecraft, the player will need an Anvil to make a rainbow sheep, after placing it on the ground, click on it, then put your name tag in the first option, then write jeb_ in the long option above, After which your Name Tag will be created, now take it in your inventory. You spawn any sheep or find a sheep Now right-click on any sheep with a name tag to change the color of the sheep’s wool. Then the sheep’s wool will gradually change color and behave like normal sheep. That’s all you need to make a rainbow sheep in Minecraft.

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