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top 5 anime where the mc is op but hide his power

Today in this article the most powerful and most famous anime are shared which study was hidden his powers from the people because he tries to make himself more normal in front of the people, whose sudden possibility is published in front of the people, then You must have enjoyed watching that scene. Now similar anime series we have shared here, in which every character is shown to be ordinary, but he is very powerful.

only he pretends to be ordinary in front of people. And it’s kind of the most exciting and satisfying anime around and literally, everyone enjoys them. Let me give you a list full of the best anime where the main characters are shown to be pretty cool and pretty overpowered.

1. the devil is a part-timer

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Satan is a part-timer! is a Japanese light novel series written by Satoshi Waghara In the story Sadao Maou is primarily a demon lord, who has amazing powers as well as is a great character. One who lives in a world that is completely fictional, and he wants this world to be his possession. Sadao Maou becomes very weak when the hero of that world attacks Sadao Maou, then he uses his powers to go to another world through a bottle.

Which is full of ordinary people, but Sadao Maou’s powers don’t work in this world. And he also thinks of taking over this world where he tries to take over the people by using a variety of things, in which a great story is shown with comedy.

2. classroom of the elite

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Classroom of the Elite is a Japanese light novel series written by Shogo Kinugasa and illustrated by Shunasaku Tomose, published from May 2015 to September 2019 under Media Factory’s MF Bunko J Imprint. And the series is made with very cool and very good characters, the story starts with one of the best and most famous high schools in Japan, which is normally spread across classes like a, b, c, d.

Where a wants to teach students in a class with a lot more freedom and a lot better. And the rest of the schools are not given so much facility. Where our main character is very emotional and very beautiful looking and full of amazing powers, but still he likes to be unusual in front of people. Now why it behaves like this is a big mystery, which can be well understood in the series.

3. death march to the parallel world

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The series is written by Hiro Ainana, author of the light novel and manga series Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody. Our main character in the story happens to be an extraordinary gaming programmer in his life. But he was trying to fix a game one day which has gone bad for some reason.

then it is the very night he falls asleep the same when he opens his eyes it becomes quite surprising because he Has reached a different world, which is quite unknown from this world because this world is completely like gaming. Now he cannot go to his extraordinary world so he starts a new journey here. In which he moves towards an interesting story with very difficult dangers.

4. 07-ghost

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The series is written by Yuki Amemiya, he was born in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. She co-writes 07-Ghost with Yukino Ichihara, which is published in the monthly comic Zero Sum. Now our main character in the story which is starting from the beginning is a 17-year-old boy who has a very happy childhood. But his childhood is completely ruined due to the war, he is captured by some people. After this, he is made a soldier.

who is trained in a military academy. And it is strictly forbidden to make anyone cry in that academy. So our main character keeps his feelings to himself so that he can understand himself and save himself from this corrupt world. But he discovers that there is a power within him by which he can become very powerful and that he can easily annihilate many people. Now what is this power, you have to see in the story?

5. parasyte: the maxim

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The story begins with a strange parasite coming from someplace, which slowly enters the body of people and takes possession of their minds. And in the same way, our character is attacked by a parasite and our main character stops that parasite before it gets into his brain, but that parasite gets into his hand, which means this parasite can’t control our character can, but our character can control it.

Now coming to our character this parasite has many powers. Now what are those powers, it will be known only after watching the story, after which the life of this character changes completely, if you want to see a good character with a great story then this series is definitely for you.

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