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how to make the most useful 2 axes in Minecraft

Minecraft is a survival game where survival is pretty much the cutting edge, where weapons for your protection and a house to live in and food to eat need to facilitate all this. In which the player can get a great game experience to a great extent. And this game was created by Mojang Studio, who transformed this game into great detail and a great survival game, which soon became one of the most popular and very best games among people.

In Minecraft, players need a lot of weapons, without which players cannot easily hunt and build their homes. But we are not going to tell about all the weapons in this article but will continue the process of making some axes. Which are used maximum by the player in Minecraft. And you will find these axes easy to make but some ax materials can be a bit difficult to find in Minecraft. So let’s go through the simple process of making an ax.

how to make wooden axes in Minecraft

how to make the most useful 2 axes in Minecraft

Wooden axes in Minecraft which is an ax made entirely out of wood. Through which players can break the wood quite easily. And in Minecraft, the wooden ax is one of the many tools you can make easily. A wooden ax used as a weapon deals +3 damage.

This is very good for you but this ax should be used for animals and wood, if the player uses it to break stones then the player will have to lose this ax because the ax doesn’t have enough ability to break stones Let’s work. Making wooden axes in Minecraft requires some material requirements, which can be found quite easily by searching.

which will be in or near you in your living environment. And this process is made quite simply for the player, through which the player can make it very easily.

how to make wooden axes : step by step

Required Materials for Axe
2 Sticks
3 Blocks of Wooden

how to make the most useful 2 axes in Minecraft

  • To make a wooden ax first you need wooden blocks, then break any one tree and collect three wooden blocks
  • Then convert those three wooden blocks into wooden planks by putting them on your crafting table.
  • Now to convert wooden planks into sticks, place wooden planks one in the middle option below in your crafting table, and one on top of it, after which it will convert into sticks.
  • You have both these things sticks and wooden planks, now through this we will make wooden axes. Now open your crafting table and place these items in those options as in the image above.

how to make diamond axes in Minecraft

how to make the most useful 2 axes in Minecraft

Diamonds in Minecraft are one of the rare things that can be obtained from mining or a villager, and to find diamonds in Minecraft, you need to dig at least layer 15 with an iron pickaxe or better. You can check which layer you are on by opening the debug menu or changing your settings. Diamonds can be used to craft some of the best weapons and armor in all of Minecraft. Wearing this the player has a low percentage of zombie attacks.

Now we will know how to make a diamond ax, through which diamonds can be easily dug and found. But this process is similar to making wooden axes, because here instead of only wooden planks, a diamond is placed, so you should make diamond axes according to the above wooden axes process.

how to make diamond axes : step by step

Required Materials for Axe
2 Sticks
3 diamond

how to make the most useful 2 axes in Minecraft

IMPORTANT NOTE : This note has been given because you have to give important information, you have to make diamond axes with the same process as used for wooden axes, the only difference is that diamond is used here

Can an axe break a diamond?

An ax is used to break logs and blocks obtained from wood faster than other tools. An ax uses 1 durability to break 1 block.

Material Durability
Diamond 1561
Golden 32
Netherite 2031

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1 Pickaxe – used to break blocks such as stone and items made of them faster; required to get the ores specified.
2 Shovel – used to break blocks such as dirt faster. …
3 Axe – used to break wooden items faster, along with pumpkins.
4 Hoe – used in farming to prepare ground.

1 Silk Touch.
2 Knockback.
3 Efficiency.
4 Feather Falling.
5 Fire Protection.
6 Aqua Affinity. Primary Items: Helmet and turtle shell.
7 Looting. “The real treasure was the rotten flesh we got on the way.” – No one ever.
8 Fortune. Primary Items: Pickaxe, shovel, axe, and hoe.

1 Biomes O’plenty.
2 Alex’s Mobs.
3 Immersive Portals.
4 RLCraft.
5 Pixelmon.
6 SkyFactory 4.
7 Better Minecraft.