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how to play free fire android, iOS and PC

free fire is one of the top battle royale games, it is liked by all battle royale players, you will get to see its live stream on its YouTube channels, and players are very happy with its update, many new things are added to the game every time. And this game is played the most in India.

It’s been a long time since Free Fire was released but many new players still don’t know how to play Free Fire properly. Free Fire is a battle royale game, that’s why you will see 50 players playing together in this game and only one of them wins the match and beats all the players in the match, it’s not that easy. It is very difficult to defeat.

All devices have the same feature of free fire, but which device the player is playing in, matters a lot. The game runs well on iOS devices but does not work on low-end Android devices, and the Android device must have 6GB of RAM. However, the developer has optimized the game well to make the game run.

How to download and install Free Fire?

There are many ways to download Free Fire, including the Google Play Store, the official website, and the App Store for iOS devices. The game can be downloaded from google player, players can download it easily. The size of this game is up to 600-700MB, but after downloading the game, the size of the game becomes up to 1.5GB by downloading many essential things of the game.

step by step guide to download free fire:

  • You have to open both the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.
  • After opening the application, you have to search garena free fire in the search bar.
  • After that you will see the application, you have to download it and the download size can be up to 600 MB and the free to max size is 516 MB.

Free fire download can be done by following the above steps, we have told you in a very simple way, and can also download the PC version in the same way or you can download it from the official website of free fire.

How to play Free Fire basics guide

While playing Free Fire, you have to select a place from a map. The player can land at any place on the map but you have to select the right location and land at the same place, but keep in mind that in the beginning, you have to land only where the players do not land, there are many places in the map where the players land very less.

After landing all over the map, the first thing you have to do is loot, which includes guns, glue walls, and much more. The player has to loot well, always play the game safely and try to camp and kill the enemy

Too many players lose the game in a hurry, the player must get the information about the map correctly. If the player has complete knowledge of the map, then the player will understand the game better and will be able to understand the next move better. It is not easy to kill the enemy, but he can be defeated with strategy and your 100%. There are many levels in Free Fire but it is not possible to top them all, but if the player does it properly then he can get a good rank in Free Fire.

Use the character ability

It is common to use character combinations and their ability in free fire, but it is very important to use them in the right way. There are many characters in free fire but there are few characters which have good ability. Good character abilities include alok, kelly, dasha and joseph, there are many other characters whose rank is used to play push and rush gameplay.

We have suggested below the top character combinations of free fire, using which you can get a good rank.

  1. alok + Kelly + moko + dasha
  2. Alok + jota + joseph + magazine
  3. chrono + alvaro + Paloma + magazine
  4. K + Miguel + D-bee + Kelly

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