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the longest battles in anime off all times

Anime shows are usually about high voltage drama packed with action throughout episodes. There are some exceptions but about 90% of the series, especially shonen, are heavily influenced by the fight scenes because the fans love it.

This anime shows its new form in every fight. And there are so many great things about anime, especially when we’re talking about shonen anime that just focus on fights and action sequences. But although they aren’t as arrogant, fights like Netero vs.

Merume still make a big impact. Vote for anime fights that you think are better for their length, or still great despite that. Today the best fighting animes have been aired here.

1. netero vs meruem (hunter x hunter)

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It was a fight that created trouble in the minds of the people. Because who is the right character in this fight? Now in such a situation, people were not even knowing which character is right and which is not.

And meruem was supposed to act as the villain in the story. But as the story progressed, Merume started encouraging Netero to fight started doing and Antero’s behavior was not like that of a hero, so people could not understand who was right and who was wrong, in which the two had a very dangerous fight. which ended in 5 episodes And turned out to be a great long fight show.

2. chigo vs uiquiorra (bleach)

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chigo vs Ulquiorra will remain one of the longest iconic fights, chigo got a great translation fight movement during the fight which people liked very much, and this character has also been the main hero of bleach.

And the fight between these two proved to be quite dangerous in the story where the fight scene is very dark and very well done, seeing that people gave great popularity to these two characters, and the characters for fighting in the story were created in great detail In which this fighting lasted for 7 episodes, which will interestingly increase the story.

3. sasuke vs itachi (naruto shippuden)

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This fight has been a favorite for the fans of naruto, Sasuke vs Itachi which proved to be very good fighting for the fans in which the best fight can be taken advantage of with enthusiasm. And in the story, Itachi was measuring many powers and how good it is but when Sasuke started seeing Itachi according to danger.

Then in the battle, it is revealed that Itachi was finding out how powerful Sasuke is but at the end of the story Sasuke defeated Itachi. When Sasuke came to know the truth of this battle, a very surprising thing happened to him. And this battle has lasted for about 8 episodes. In which very dangerous scenes of fighting were shown.

4. yusuke vs toguro (yu yu hakusho)

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yu Hakusho In the story, the fight between these two was seen, in which both of them hated each other very much, and at the same time, both of them are very angry with each other’s hatred. A very dangerous fight exists between Jin.

And Yusuke wanted Toguro to like him and Toguro wanted the same, but this compromise between the two seems quite difficult. And this fight lasted for about 11 episodes, which people are going to be very interested to see because there are a lot of interesting scenes and based on the best story.

5. naruto vs pain (naruto shippude)

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naruto Shippuden was a battle that will always be an unforgettable fight in naruto which saw many great story-based battles that left no stone unturned to attract people and this fight turned out to be unique in the end because between naruto.

and Nagato There was a conversation in which Naruto understands Nagato’s mind and promises him that it will put an end to evils, then Nagato’s main object also ends, in which Naruto fights through many dangerous forces. And this fight will end in 7 episodes.

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