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5 most unique blocks in Minecraft

Minecraft is an amazingly imaginative game where the creative possibilities are endless. This is thanks to the in-game content that it offers. Each Minecraft block is unique and provides players with a resource in which to build and craft various other objects and items.

Blocks are items placed within the world. By selecting the block you want to use in your UI and right-clicking where you want it to go, you can place a block. The environment within Minecraft is made up entirely of these blocks. We will explore the different block types that are available to make and use within this beautiful world.

unique blocks that Minecraft players can use for crazy things

So which block is good to build with? who is not? Let’s follow along and see if you agree with me about the 5 best blocks to build in Minecraft!

1. Glazed Terracotta

Glazed terracotta is a vibrant solid block that comes in 16 regular dye colors, obtained by smelting colored terracotta. They are the intended “decorative blocks” in Minecraft.

Players can obtain glazed terracotta by melting any tinted terracotta. Expert level stone masons villagers sell 1 glazed terracotta for an emerald as part of their business.

2. Stained Glass

We all know that glass is not the best block for construction but there are more uses of glass which most of us do not know. Glass can be made into glass panes that players can use to make windows and glass walls.

You can make stained glass panes and choose different designs with glass windows, such as the stained glass panes you often see in churches and palaces. In addition to typical window designs, stained glass can be a foundation block in glass builds such as glass aquariums and glass aviaries. Overall, stained glass has so much potential to be a building block that you just can’t let it pass you by.

3. Terracotta & Glazed Terracotta

Terracotta is a colored block that can be obtained in the Badlands biome. Terracotta blocks are great for building homes and structures because they are colorful and strong. Constructed of clay and as strong as stone, players will have tons of things to build with 16 different terracotta colors. When melted in a furnace, a terracotta block turns into a glazed terracotta.

This will create different colored patterns around the block, and the shadow will change to a vibrant colour. Glazed terracotta can be used in a variety of creations because the patterns it creates when placed next to each other will make great furniture sets and designs.

4. Mycelium

Mycelium can be used as a building material or fuel for campfires, smelting ovens or furnaces. This is a block that grows in a mushroom biome with a swamp biome. It can be broken with any device, and mining yields a mycelium block.

Mycelium blocks are a type of grass block, but instead they feature a characteristic purple color. Both the mushroom biome and the swamp biome are some of the rarest areas in Minecraft due to them being very rare.

5. Soul Sand

Soul Sand is a block found in the Netherlands. If players are looking for an inexpensive way to start building their own desert oasis, Spirit Sands will be their best friend. This is due to it being a very common block in the Netherlands.

When placed, it will cause any unit (including players) to move at half speed. This can be used as a great way to create an elaborate trap for unsuspecting enemies. It’s also quite useful in PvP servers and faction servers, where players can use it to slow down and dominate their opponents.

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How many blocks are in Minecraft

Minecraft has remained the ultimate sandbox for many years. With its infinite world generation system extending millions of meters in each direction, you’ll be hard pressed to ever reach the limit by proper means.

However at the same time, in such a vast and vast world, it also raises the question; How many blocks are there in Minecraft? The answer is quite simple, there are an estimated 49,047,599,999,999,991,808 blocks in each world. It also includes end and nether dimensions.