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What is the best game right now on PC?

Gaming PCs, especially powerful ones, can be more expensive than consoles, but PCs have the flexibility, modality, and power unavailable in the competition.

As a result, PC gaming has been able to rapidly pivot both towards and away from trends in order to deliver unique and amazing experiences to its players.

So, a caveat advance: Unlike our other essentials list, this one covers a catalog that spans several decades, and focuses on 22 games across platforms that we think everyone should be playing if they want to.

Want to make the most of PC gaming. This includes some of our personal favorites, but also older games that cast a long shadow.


Dwarf Fortress

Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter 2: Dwarf Fortress, simply known as Dwarf Fortress, is a remarkable game. The result of decades of collaboration between two brothers, Zach Adams and Tarn Adams, it is one of the most complex and puzzling simulations ever imaginable, and is presented in ASCII.

In the game’s most famous mode, players control a band of dwarves to build a community from scratch in a hostile world. “Control” is actually the wrong word, as the dwarves in the game have their own thoughts and feelings. Players simply suggest that they dig into the mountain and plant a mushroom farm, while the dwarves themselves decide whether they are on top of it at that particular time.

Elden Ring

Ever since Japanese video company FromSoftware released Demon Souls in 2009, the gaming world was rocked. Demon’s Souls was a video game that changed everything about gaming. Punitive difficulty, mixed with a dark environment and no clear goals, prompts players to discover every aspect of the game.

While it required a lot of patience, it eventually developed on gamers. Soon, the gaming world yearned for more. Subsequently, he released the Dark Souls trilogy, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In each of these games, the basics remained the same. However, FromSoftware continued to improve on its already successful formula.

Fast forward to 2022, and Elden Ring was released. Elden Ring is the culmination of everything the developers have learned over the years. The gameplay is more varied, there’s a vast open world to explore, and the story is interesting.

There is a lot of freedom for the players as well. They can explore the open world at their own pace and tackle areas to their liking. This time, FromSoftware is more welcoming to game beginners without reducing the difficulty that has become the game’s bread and butter.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers a vast open world with a lot to do. Here you’ll find a family-friend-friend betrayal of everything at once. Plus you’ll find a deep and compelling story about liberation.

Not only that, the game is glamorous and the graphics are one of the best shots available right now. If you love cowboys then this is definitely the best one for you.

The Witcher 3

The Witcher web series is definitely in everyone’s mind. It is a fantasy-action role-playing game. Of course this game has been published in the web series.

You will find interesting scenes as well as interesting stories in the game. Not only this, a sword is waiting for you in this game. And this sword conjures magic at the same time.


Another online game that you can play on your PC, Fortnite is a massive survival game that includes a great battle royale mode. If you like battle royals and want to play with other people in a huge open world where everyone is out to get each other, then Fortnite is definitely the best multiplayer PC game for you. Fortnite is packed with colorful characters and amazing action that’s pretty over the top.

You can also play Players vs Environment mode where you team-up with other players and go up against other computer-controlled enemies. It is a perfect blend of resource gathering in games like Minecraft and the survival based gameplay of PUBG. If you want to enjoy a light-hearted survival cooperative game then Fortnite is definitely the right game.

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