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the Best PC games 2022: the must-play titles you don’t want to miss

PC gaming is defined by its ability to deliver some of the most graphically intense and immersive experiences on the market. Every year, new and exciting titles are released and 2022 is no different. There are so many great games for you to choose from and play.

However, knowing which titles to invest your time and money into can prove tricky, especially if you already have a long Steam backlog. Whether you’re looking for something new to play or just want to see if your favorite title makes the cut, our best PC games for 2022 list has you covered.

the best pc games (2022 to 2026)

Are you new to the adventure game genre, or have you been away for a while and wondering what are the new adventure games out there for PC? There are many adventure games to choose from, so we’re here to help!

Gamers love adventure games because they are immersive, exciting, and provide a welcome break from reality. If you are looking for some of the best adventure games to play on your PC, then check out this list of the best ones to play in 2022!

Elden Ring

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A strong contender for best game of 2022, from Software’s latest plunge to dark fantasy and brutal warfare, the studio is at its best. The Lands Between is a vast sandbox to discover as a newly tarnished warrior, and a mystery lurking in every corner of this world,

will lead you down a path of danger in exchange for fascinating lore and powerful rewards. While Elden Ring doesn’t stray too far from the usual From Software formula, it polishes off that studio’s elegant gameplay and signature styling in a mirror finish that’s beautiful to look at and packed with dozens of hours of content to dive into.

Diablo III

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This is another treat for couples who just need a fun game without rainbows, flowers, and teddy bears. The release of Diablo III was not smooth, which significantly affected the reputation of the game. It’s a great shame because the rocky start doesn’t change the fact that it’s an entertaining.

responsive RPG. Diablo offers lots of mesmerizing hack-and-slash action, wrapped in enjoyable-looking, juicy graphics. And, thanks to the generous booty, it feels rewarding, too. Overall it provides a fun and relaxing experience. We recommend adjusting the difficulty level to match your Player 2’s skills.

Psychonauts 2

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It’s been a very long time since the original Psychonauts astonished us all with its idyllic stage and imaginative atmosphere, so we’re happy to try out the sequel. With new and more customizable psychic powers, it’s even more fun to play as Razz for a second time.

As well as the added power of a modern PC, each unique environment and group of enemies looks spectacular. As well as with the story taking place directly after the original story (and a detailed recap at the start of the game), there’s no discomfort when trying to figure out what’s really going on.

The Quarry

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The next game in the Dark Pictures anthology haunts our uninvited party of teenage mentors while enjoying the last night of summer camp, and instead turns to ’80s horror. Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn isn’t that different, and Jason Voorhees certainly wouldn’t look out of place coming out of the dark woods.

Our teens face a much bigger threat than petty fights between friends, as blood-hungry villagers descend and things lurk in the woods. To add weight to the choices you make, and of course, how quickly you press the keys, there are nine playable characters—all of whom you can make out alive.

Black Mesa

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Black Mesa was a joke for a long time. An over-ambitious attempt to completely remake Half-Life as a standalone mode from the ground up. But lo and behold, it’s finally over — and bloody hell, if that’s not a surprising thing. Black Mesa cleverly re-imagined Valve’s 1998 debut.

lifting Zen (Half-Life’s notoriously flawed final chapter) off the ground while trimming off the more tedious parts of Half-Life. I wouldn’t say it completely replaces the fundamental shooter, but it’s a really cool way to experience it from a whole new angle.

Team Sonic Racing

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Look, we may not have Mario Kart on PC, but Team Sonic Racing sure fits the bill too. Not only is it one of the rare few true arcade racing games that have come out over the years, but it has also gotten a hotseat on PC!

Not unheard of, but certainly rare. Either way, Team Sonic Racing is the very definition of a ‘pick-up-and-play’ game. It’s easy to learn, fun to play and fun to play.

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1 Apex Legends.
2 Overwatch.
3 Minecraft.
4 Dota 2.
5 Grand Theft Auto V.
6 Sea of Thieves.

1 PUBG – 696,704.
2 Dota 2 – 786,118.
3 Counter-Strike: GO – 1,01 Million.
4 Minecraft – 1.4 Million+
5 Crossfire – 8 Million.

1 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
2 Gone Home.
3 Grim Fandango.
4 GTA 5.