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TOP 6 Essential tips for Minecraft adventurers

It doesn’t matter what kind of game you play, or even if you play the game at all because at some point you’re bound to run into this sensational block-building video game. Set in a world made entirely of cubes, Minecraft gives the player the keys to an infinitely large sandbox to build, craft and adventure.

Each block can be broken and changed, allowing fans around the world to build skyscrapers, pirate ships, and computers. Musical Box, and even in the U.S. Scale model. Enterprise. But the world of Minecraft can be intimidating for first-time players who are unfamiliar with the many secrets of its blocky world. To help you with your first cubed adventure, here are Geek Insider’s top 5 Minecraft tips for beginners.


To make a substantial marker tower it has to be tall…too tall. Make sure you put all valuables in a box and have a spawn point nearby (a bed you’ve slept in before). Then take a lot of dirt or cobblestone and some torches. Look down and jump up each time placing a block under you.

It will take you to a ridiculous height and you can hold a torch or two on top to act as a map marker for safe houses, mines or temples. Landing down will kill you until you land in the water, so once you’ve seen it well enough to leap for your doom.

2. Learn the controls

While intuitive and easy to learn, it’s good to take control of the controls before beginning (especially in survival mode). A D-pad in the bottom left of your screen lets you control directional motion, with a jump button in the middle. Tap to place blocks and attack enemies, and hold that tap to break blocks.

To fly in Creative Mode, double-tap the jump button and slide your finger upwards. To descend, just double-tap the jump button again. You can adjust your controls by tapping the Settings button, which lets you increase the size of your D-pad, move left, or adjust the sensitivity.

3. Plan out your builds

Let’s say you are building a new base or renovating your existing one. The process will be a lot easier if you plan it out and do things like making block pallets or making skeletons for your construction with dirt before using the other materials.

Remember, these should be the bare bones of your build built to establish aesthetics—not something complicated and hard to understand. If you want, you can even use graph sheets to create physical designs of your construction!

4. Stay away from darkness

In Minecraft, hostile mobs appear in places with a light level below 7. When the sun is out, players don’t need to worry about hostile mobs. However, they will spawn everywhere during the night.

Players can stop mobs from spawning by applying a light source. Torches are one of the cheapest light sources in Minecraft. By surrounding their base with torches, players can prevent mobs from laying eggs.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Google

In its early days, Minecraft was a simple game with recipes to prepare that didn’t require much thought. Hundreds of items and recipes have been added to it over the years, with new ones being added with every additional update. There’s no shame in using Google to find out what certain items do and if they’re even worth manufacturing.

Some gamers feel ashamed to do so, but now is not the early days of gaming and players should look to the Internet as a resource, not a cheat handbook or crutch, to accompany their gaming.

6. Always Carry a Bucket of Water

It may be strange to think that a simple bucket can save your life, but a bucket of water is an absolutely essential tool when mining in Minecraft. A simple iron bucket can be crafted from three iron ingots into a small “V” shape and then used to pick up and hold water spawn blocks. Holding a large amount of water can start a fire, extinguish lava streams, and even save you if you fall into a lava lake.

Additionally, a bucket of water can create a waterfall that can be used to float up and down cliffs. A bucket of water can also be used to create a stream to push monsters back in a pinch. Don’t leave the house without it!

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