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How to Change Minecraft Skin on Java, Bedrock, and MCPE 2022

Minecraft’s popular open world is more fun than finding out if your character can change form from time to time, right? Well, you can do so quickly, whether you’re playing Bedrock or the Java version. The process is simple for all Minecraft versions. Just follow these simple steps to change your Minecraft skin.

You don’t need to install the same Minecraft skin every time you want to use it. Instead, you need to use one of the many ways to change the skin in Minecraft Java and Bedrock. However, let’s not waste a moment and learn how to change Minecraft skins.

How to use Java skin on Bedrock

Every Minecraft world is different, so why shouldn’t your Minecraft skin be unique too? While the Java version skins have been fully customizable for some time now, there are more customization options for the Bedrock version than ever before.

Java skin on Bedrock

Skin modification methods differ between the Minecraft Java and Bedrock versions. But for your convenience, we’ve covered the easiest ways to use skins on all supported platforms. You can use them to easily switch between thousands of free and paid Minecraft skins.

We have divided this guide into different sections that explain how to change Minecraft skin on PC, mobile and console. So let’s dive in.

How to change Minecraft skin smartphone and PC

How to change your Minecraft Skin on PC: To edit your Minecraft skin on a desktop you need to follow these steps:

First, navigate to

Once there you will see a huge collection of different Minecraft skins and your next step to replace your existing skin is to select a skin from the Minecraft skin library.

If you want something specific then search in the search bar from above.

On the right corner of the page, you will see the option “Top Skins” and clicking here will give you all the popular skin options.

As you have now selected your desired skin, it is time to hit the “Download” button.

Then visit the Minecraft website through your web browser.

In the upper right corner of the Minecraft site, you will see three horizontal lines, click on that icon and a drop-down menu will appear on the screen.

Click “Profile” from the drop-down menu.

Make sure you are logged into your Minecraft account and if not then log in first.

Now click on “Select a File” option.

It’s time to click on your downloaded skin which will be in your Downloads folder.

Finally, click “Open”.

The last action is to click on the “Upload” option and now your character will be in your desired skin.

How do you change your skin in minecraft bedrock PE?

If you want to customize your avatar in Minecraft on smartphone you need to go through the steps below:

Just like on desktop here, you’ll need to go to, so open your mobile browser and navigate to the site first.

Now choose a skin you want to adopt for your player.

On the top right side of the skin page you will find a download button, tap on it.

To save a skin, you have to press and hold the skin and when you find the option “Save Image” tap on it.

Then open Minecraft PE.

On the Minecraft home page, you’ll see a “hanger icon”, tap on it.

Then click on the blank skin symbol with the default skin option.

It’s time to click on the “Choose New Skin” option.

When you find the downloaded skin when you tap on Choose new skin, select it.

Choose a skin model and press the “Confirm” button at the end.

Voila, enjoy the new look of your avatar now.

Using Skins in Minecraft Bedrock Editions

Skin packs are available both for free and for purchase in the Minecraft Marketplace. You can equip these skins through the profile menu after downloading.

To equip the skins you downloaded from the Classic Skins menu, go to Edit Characters.

You can create your own skin on the Character Creator tab, specifying both the body and style attributes of the skin, as well as custom colors.

You can swap between up to five saved skins.

Go to Profile > Classic Skins > Ownership > Import into Minecraft for Windows 10 and Mobile. Uploaded skins cannot be transferred to other devices.

How do I change my bedrock skin to Java skin

That’s why in today’s tutorial we’re going to show you how to change Minecraft skin for each version of Minecraft. The tutorial will cover both the Java version and the Bedrock version for Minecraft.

First of all we are going to change the skin for Minecraft Java Edition. Changing your Minecraft skin to the Java version is quite simple. Mainly, you can change your Minecraft skin on your PC in two ways. The first is to change your skin through the Minecraft website. And another way is to change your skin through the new Minecraft launcher.

How to Change Skins in Minecraft on PC is Easy Once You

Go to any third-party Minecraft skin website you can find online. Choose from a huge list of skin that suits your taste.

Download the skin to your local computer. Usually the file is a .png . it occurs

Visit the official website of Minecraft

Login to your account

Once you are on the profile page, click on the Browser button. Select the file you downloaded earlier and click on Open

Visit a third-party Minecraft skin website like Minecraft Skins and download the skin you want to apply to your character. Note where the downloaded file is stored (usually the Downloads folder).

Click Save to upload your new custom skin

Click Save to upload your custom skin.

After you upload a skin, Minecraft should automatically apply the skin to your character.

How do you download skins for Minecraft PE?

To change your character’s skin, you can visit various community skin websites such as,,; Where you can find tons of skins for free. To use the skins, you can follow these simple steps listed below.

How to Download Skins?

  • Go to the site of your choice
  • Search for the character or idea in the search bar
  • Scroll till you find the skin to your liking
  • Click on Download
  • Check the folder where the PNG file has downloaded
  • See if the image is low quality

How to Install Skins?

  • Run the Minecraft app on your device
  • Click on Profile
  • Choose the character that you want to customise
  • Click on Edit character
  • Go to the Owned section
  • Click on Import
  • Click on New Skin
  • Select the PNG skin file
  • Click on Open
  • Now Select your preference of Classic or Slim model type

Minecraft skin download

You can use them to easily switch between thousands of free and paid Minecraft skins.

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