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Top 5 Best Pixel Horror Games

Most horror games these days scare you by pushing a scary monster every couple of seconds. Gone are the days when scary games scare you but create a frightening atmosphere.

Instead, we are given a cheap “jump scare” every few seconds. Pixelated Horror Game is a short horror genre that attempts to not scare you with massive jump scares, but creates a great atmosphere to chill you… and scare you with massive jumps.

The following are seven of my favorite pixelated horror games. If you have any good ones that I’ve missed, let me know, and I’ll put it on the list.

Top 5 Pixel Horror Games

The weirdest games don’t always have photorealistic graphics. The five games listed below may not sound frightening at first glance, but they prove that pixel art can indeed be frightening.

1. The Last Door: Collector’s Ed

Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, The Last Door: Collector’s Ed takes you back to the Gothic Victorian era. Jeremiah DeWitt receives a secret letter from his old classmate.

The hidden message in the letter forces him to investigate the mystery behind it. His search leads him to a dilapidated manor, which hides a deep secret of his life. You’ll have to help him delve deeper into this mystery by solving four frightening episodes full of puzzles and riddles.

With just a lamp and a magnifying glass, it would certainly take guts to open the last door. Android Collector’s Edition features enhanced pixel graphics and scary ambient backgrounds. There are tons of unlockable content, new creepy locations, and complex puzzles.

2. Tales Of The Black Forest

Tales of the Black Forest is a historical fiction adventure game set in Japan. You play as Kihara Kashin, a trapped high schooler who must travel to the past to unravel the mystery of what’s happening in Kuromori-cho.

The story is told in three chapters with a good amount of puzzle-solving mix. The pixel graphics in the game are exactly what you would expect Japan to look like. It has incredibly bright colors and over-the-top items like kittens.

A two-man team based out of Japan created Tales of the Black Forest. Nevertheless, it has been carefully translated into English subtitles to prevent the description from being lost in translation.

3. Zombie Night Terror

Zombie Night Terror is a full pack of zombie killing levels. You are the person behind the zombie apocalypse. Your goal is to wipe out the entire humanity and control the mighty zombies to kill the human survivors.

The more human you kill, the more they retaliate and try to survive. You need to create advanced mutants that can resist granite, bullets and sharp weapons. The game offers 50 levels and different zombie types along with a unique mutation system that you need to command.

There is a lot of blood action, use zombies as pets and there is human food that will eventually join the gang. The game has a unique style and puzzle-solving as compared to traditional pixel horror games.

4. the rewinder

Rewinder is an adventure game that uses elements from Chinese folklore.

The spirit warden sends you to a small town to investigate why the spirits have taken over and where the townspeople have gone. You have the ability to enter people’s memories and influence their intentions.

The developers use pixel art to replicate Chinese ink drawings and make you feel like you are a part of Chinese culture. The base game is free to play and has DLC that adds additional content for just $0.99.

5. Inside

An incredibly bleak platformer that puts you through a string of hellish imagery: creepy mermaids, security robots, people hunting you, bad weather and much more that we won’t spoil here.

The sight inside a brutal dystopian world that’s out to kill you all the time is extraordinary, even if the platforming of the moment is very familiar and depressing.

You’re mainly playing it to experience the setting, really. Also check out Little Nightmares, a similar type of horror platformer that isn’t as scary but is arguably just as inventive.

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1 Stop It, Slender!
2 The Mirror.
3 Zombie Attack.
4 Piggy.
5 Survive The Killer.
6 The Mimic.
7 Insane Elevator.
8 Breaking Point.

1 Contra.
2 Mega Man 9.
3 Flywrench.
4 1001 Spikes.
5 Dota 2.

1 the static speaks my name.
2 Doki Doki Literature Club.
4 Perfect Vermin.