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How to enchant your tools and armor in Minecraft 2022

Upgrading your tools, weapons, and other items in Minecraft is done through a magical process called enchantment, which is usually a long-lasting affair that requires several stages, some specialized equipment, and some luck. is needed.

When you finally enchant your equipment, there’s no guarantee what strange and wonderful abilities your item will hold – your weapon may take extra damage, or your most prized possession may be rendered useless.

How to find and use Enchanted Books in Minecraft

Another option is to use enchanted books, which can be found in the world through loot chests, fishing, trading with villagers, bartering with piglins, or drops from raids.

You can also enchant books on the enchantment table – if you don’t have a specific item you want to enchant yet. Repeated enchantment books will eventually give you a maximum level of enchantment, which you can then bestow on the chosen item.

This can be done using an anvil, which can be mined or crafted using three iron blocks and four iron ingots. You can then enchant an item by placing your chosen item in the first slot and an enchanted book in the second. As long as there is enough experience, the corresponding spells from the book will transfer to the item taking into account the highest level of any kind.

Where to Find Enchanted Items in Minecraft

If you’re not in the mood for the manual task of applying spells to each of your equipment, you can also obtain enchanted items through the following methods:

trade with villagers

Fishing in oceans and big rivers

Killing mobs like zombies or skeletons that can carry magic items

In rare minecraft chests, which appear in almost every popular in-game structure. However, chests with an enchanted item are most likely to emerge in final cities.

Barter with piglings in the Netherlands

Bedrock users can also obtain enchanting items by killing raiders and robbers.

Using Enchanting Table

At the core of our Minecraft enchantment guide is the enchantment table. Similar to the crafting table in Minecraft, this table is used for crafting in-game recipes. All you need is the item you want to enchant and lapis lazuli.

Using these two items, the enchantment table presents all the possible spells you can cast on it. It performs three mantras at a time, as shown in the screenshot below.

By comparison, this method is easier than using an anvil because no exploration is involved beyond looking for lapis lazuli. And if you’ve read our minecraft 1.18 ore distribution guide, it’s not that hard to figure out. So, to keep things balanced, Minecraft has made many spells like soul speed exclusive to enchantment books. But if the table still fascinates you, you can quickly make an enchanting table in Minecraft using our linked tutorial.

Minecraft Enchantments list

Enchantment Effect Applicable Items Incompatible with Max Level
Unbreaking Increases durability All weapons, armor, and tools 3
Mending XP orbs repair the item All weapons, armor, and tools Infinity 1
Curse of Vanishing Item is destroyed upon death All weapons, armor, and tools 1
Fire Aspect Sets target on fire Sword 2
Knockback Hit mobs are knocked backwards Sword 2
Looting Extra loot from mobs killed by weapon Sword 3
Sweeping Edge (Java only) Bonus sweep attack DMG Sword 3
Bane of Arthropods Slows and deals bonus DMG vs spiders, silverfish, endermites, and bees Sword, Axe* Sharpness, Smite 5
Sharpness Increases DMG Sword, Axe* Bane of Arthropods, Smite 5
Smite Bonus DMG vs undead mobs Sword, Axe* Bane of Arthropods, Sharpness 5
Efficiency (Axe) Increase stun chance vs shields Axe 5
Impaling Bonus DMG vs ocean-spawning mobs Trident 5
Channeling During thunderstorms, lightning strikes target hit by Trident Trident Riptide 1
Loyalty Trident returns after being thrown Trident Riptide 3
Riptide Trident launches player with itself when thrown, functions only in water or rain Trident Channeling, Loyalty 3
Flame Arrows set targets on fire Bow 1
Infinity Shooting doesn’t consume arrows Bow Mending 1
Power Increases DMG Bow 5
Punch Increases arrow knockback Bow 2
Multishot Shoots 3 arrows at once Crossbow Piercing 1
Piercing Arrows can pierce through enemies and shields Crossbow Multishot 4
Quick Charge Faster reload time Crossbow 3
Efficiency (Tools) Increases mining speed Tools 5
Fortune Chance for duplicate item drops when mining certain blocks Tools Silk Touch 3
Silk Touch Mined blocks drop themselves exactly as they are. Tools Fortune 1
Luck of the Sea Increase chances of finding rare loot while fishing Fishing Rod 3
Lure Lower wait time until fish, junk, and loot “bite” Fishing Rod 3
Curse of Binding Items cannot be removed from armor slots unless due to breaking or death Armor* 1
Blast Protection Decreases explosion DMG and knockback Armor Other Protection enchants 4
Fire Protection Decreases fire DMG and burn time Armor Other Protection enchants 4
Projectile Protection Decreases projectile damage Armor Other Protection enchants 4
Protection Decreases damage taken Armor Other Protection enchants 4
Aqua Affinity Increases underwater mining speed Helmet, Turtle Shell 1
Respiration Increases underwater breathing time Helmet, Turtle Shell 3
Thorns Reflects some of the damage taken when hit, but reduces durability Chestplate, Armor* 3
Depth Strider Increases underwater move speed Boots Frost Walker 3
Frost Walker Turns water beneath player into frosted ice, immunity to magma block damage Boots Depth Strider 2
Feather Falling Decreases fall damage Boots 4
Soul Speed Increases move speed over Soul Sand Boots 3
Swift Sneak Increases movement speed while sneaking Trousers* Frost Walker, Depth Strider, and Soul Speed 3

Asterisks indicate that magic can only be applied to an item of that type using the enchanted book on the item; They cannot be given the said charm directly from the enchantment table.

How to Set Up Bookshelves Around the Enchanting Table?

It is important to keep the bookshelf one place away from the table. If you put it further or closer, it will not respond to the enchanting table. Let’s look at the easiest design of a bookshelf around table using 18 shelves.

  1. Place a bookshelf on one side of the enchanting table, leaving a space.
  2. Do the same on both the other sides.
  3. Place two more bookshelves on either side of the shelves you placed earlier. You should have used a total of nine bookshelves by now.
  4. Add another layer of bookshelf to the middle section.
  5. Apply another layer on both sides. Your setup should look like the picture below.

You can also get creative and design your own layout for the bookshelf around the enchanting table. Additionally, there are two important ways you can find out whether the bookshelf is working on the table.

The first sign that tells you that the bookshelf is working is when you see the glyphs floating towards the table. The second is that when you try to enchant an object, you can see the highest enchantment at the bottom of the GUI.

Please remember that you can also have more than fifteen bookshelves surrounding the enchanting table. However, if you go more than three blocks with shelves, they’ll be off the table and won’t work on it.

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