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Top 10 Free Fire rank push hack

Well, every Garena Free Fire player has a dream to reach the heroic level in the current season.

But very few of them reach not because of their ability to play the game but because of team composition and other factors.

Today we will discuss all the tips and tricks that you can apply and reach the heroic level in Garena Free Fire game.

Let’s check out 10 Garena Free Fire tips and tricks that can help you reach heroic levels. Let’s summarized all the top 10 tips and ticks with pro tips on how to get benefit with those tips are given below, we hope you use these tricks and tips to push your rank to heroic.

1. Know the Battle Royale Gameplay

Learn about Battle Royale Gameplay Garena comes in the Free Fire Battle Royale game category, which means you have to kill all your opponent to win the match.

Free Fire PUBG is similar to Epic Legends or Fortnite; They all have the same game plan and require wide attention along with great shooting skills.

If you want to win these battle royale games then you must increase your reflexes. The Garena Free Fire game has a maximum of 50 players and the game starts within 01-minutes.

The game starts with three mode

  • Single (you will play as a solo)
  • Duo (you will team up with one of your friends)
  • Squad  (you will be paired with three others, forming a Squad of four members)

After selecting the mode, you’ll enter the training center, where you can practice with your weapon and check or improve your game settings.

The game will begin with an aeroplan carrying all players and flying along a predetermined path.

You, along with your teammates, have to jump across the map to get to your favorite place.

One of the objectives of the game is to survive till the end and whoever survives at the end wins, no matter how much you hit.

So, along these lines, you need to fight in Garena Free Fire and protect yourself till the last minute and do a buoy.

2. Pick up weapon

The first and most distant thing you should choose is a weapon. No matter what’s in a floor bag, medical kit, pen, ammo, parachute, glueball, grenade, helmet or shield.

You need to pick up a weapon before anything, trust us, it will save you life in the game.

One of the mistakes every noob player makes is taking the shield instead of the weapon, which is a complete flop.

Have to take up the weapon and then take the shield if you get time or if you are saved.

3. Do you know what is Safe Zone?

If you’re playing Free Fire for the first time, you’ll have a hard time finding a safe zone.

Most new players die in the unprotected area and are unable to find the safe zone.

Well, the safe zone is marked while coloring in the mini-map, and you have to run to a safe zone to save your life.

Free Fire game has introduced a safe zone which comes after a certain amount of time in the game and your playing area becomes smaller.

In this way, the Free Fire game ensures that the hidden players come out and start participating in the game.

In Free Fire, this safe zone gets smaller and smaller during the game and eventually disappears from the game.

4. Keep Upgrading helmets and Shields

One of the best protections given in free fire is

These are three protective measures you can use in Garena free fire to protect against incoming bullets.

Helmets and shields can protect your head and torso from bullets and inflict maximum damage to the core of your body.

You can continue to upgrade and repair your damaged Helmet and Shield in-game.

Recently Garena Free Fire has introduced 04 level helmet which is most powerful and can block headshots of sniper guns.

5. Keep Pan to block incoming bullets

Ever wonder why top level players keep the pen in their hands when they can choose the sword?

Well, the paan is the protective shield and blocks the bullets coming from behind.

You can use a pan and protect yourself from all the bullets that are being fired from your back.

Sometimes a situation arises when you keep running towards the safe area and the enemy behind you keeps firing at you.

In these situations, your PAN will take all the bullets and give you valuable time to run inside a safe area and take cover.

6. keep jumping while fighting and running

One of the pro things you need to learn in Garena Free Fire is to jump when you fire and run.

While jumping make sure you don’t get shot in the head and also make sure to run fast.

Practice jumping mode with the fire button; You need to master the combination where you will fire and jump at the same time.

This tactic will ensure that you don’t get a perfect headshot from your enemy.

7. Play with 3-4 finger to reach heroic level

Most players didn’t know what the three-finger theory is in Free Fire.

In 3-finger theory, you need to keep three fingers on the screen of the smartphone.

Most of the time, you need to fire with your left finger and jump and move with your right.

In this 3-finger fight, your character will spin left or right and fire and jump at the same time.

This is very advanced strategy and mostly used by pro players to crack heroic levels.

8. Glueball

A glueball is a temporary wall that is built when you are surrounded by an enemy or when you want to protect yourself from incoming bullets.

Glueball is a real life saver for all your team members as you can use it as a protective shield and heal your teammates.

Glueball can also protect you from oncoming speeding vehicles, which can kill you instantly if they hit you.

Make sure you carry a sufficient amount of glueballs and keep using them in the worst case to protect yourself or your teammates.

9. use grenade to clear obstacles

Grenade is a real life saver. If you are surrounded by enemy, use grenade to annihilate the enemy.

The grenade is the real killing machine in the free fire game and should be used when the enemy is coming near you or along a wall of glue.

Use grenades to hit the enemy hiding behind tin boxes or boxes.

10. Use Shock bomb to immobilize your enemy

Recently Garena Free Fire has introduced shock bomb which immobilizes the enemy for few seconds.

In that time, the enemy will be blind and won’t be able to move or do anything.

Shock bombs are really good when you or your teammates are going for the rush which means when they are going to kill.

You should always use grenades and shock bombs to clear any hiding places around boxes or when you’re going to rush.

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