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tokyo revengers anime characters

Characters in Tokyo Revengers: Everyone from kids to adults is a fan of anime. And one such exciting anime series is Tokyo Revengers. Tokyo Revengers created a rage around the world with its fan power.

I think there are fans for every character in Tokyo Revengers. I am presenting here some of the characters from the list that I think are the most powerful in Tokyo Revengers.

top Tokyo Revengers Characters

Tracking the height, birthday, and age of Tokyo Revengers characters can be difficult because of how much time-jumping happens within the show.

Fortunately, as the manga is nearing an end and the anime is already in its second season, there is a lot of official confirmation regarding the individual details of each character.

1. Akkun (Atsushi Sendo)

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Akun is the courageous leader of his group of friends. Akkun can handle his fair share of fights and despite knowing that he will lose a fight, he still stands his ground and does his best to protect his friends.

The main source of Akun’s strength lies in his loyalty and his strong desire to protect his loved ones. The moment Akkun and his gang came to rescue Draken and Takemichi, it was clear to fans that Akkun’s heart became connected to his physical strength.


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Manjiro (often referred to as Miki) is the founder and leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang (Toman). While he is one of the younger members of the group, Mickey’s fighting abilities make him a top contender for ratings. Mickey can be a deadly threat in combat.

but still displays a remarkably innocent and playful aspect to him. Mickey is often caught hiding any signs of weakness or doubt in himself as Mickey seeks to keep his other Toman members in a positive and confident position free of any challenge.

3. Shion Madarame’s

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Shion was previously the leader of the ninth generation of the Black Dragon. He spent time in juvenile prison and then joined Tenjiku when he was released. Unlike many other characters in Tokyo Revengers.

he is driven by a thirst for blood and an affinity for brutality. Due to his previous leadership with the Black Dragon. he has great influence in the criminal world. Although the lion is quite strong, his strength does not give him much advantage over the others, often in the face of defeat. To balance the scales, the lion often uses brass knuckles during battle.

4. Libra – Chifuyu Matsuno

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Chifuyu may seem like a cold and distant person at first glance, but don’t let this trick you in as he is one of the kindest and caring people in Tokyo Revengers. Chifuyu hates people who abuse their power or strength to hurt others and will not rest until they are punished.

This strong sense of justice and deep-rooted moral code are all qualities of a Libra. People born as Libras are selfless individuals who love balance and equality more than anything, so Chifuyu fits right in with these righteous people.

5. Kokonoi Hajime

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Kokonoi became popular since its first appearance in the last episode of the anime and chapter 71 in the manga. I think his mysterious aura seemed interesting to us. Whenever there is talk about good looking characters.

people usually refer to this calculative character who has a huge passion for money. Despite neither the great personality nor the intent, Coco is charming and I think that’s why she’s so popular. Well, I can’t complain because every time I see her, I’m attracted to her “charm”.

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