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elden ring : 5 best strength weapon in 2022

Powerful weapons deal massive amounts of damage and will help you eliminate formidable enemies found in the Elden Ring. The more strength your character has, the more damage you’ll be able to deal.

They are also quite easy to play with new people. Another thing to mention is that there is currently a bug with most Strength weapons. Once you reach level +25, this bug lowers your attack rating.

As a result, be careful when upgrading beyond +24 level until this bug is fixed. We’ve compiled a list of the best strength weapons in the Ring of Elden for your checking out

Best Strength weapons in Elden Ring

The Elden Ring isn’t new to fortifying weapons and has by far some of the best options in that category. There are several categories in the game such as Greataxes, Halberds, Giant Swords, and Giant Weapons which provide something unique while many of them require a secondary stat in addition to strength.

the latter being more important. In this article, we have listed some of the strength weapons that players must have in the game.


Any seasoned tarnished will encounter the merciless Crucible Knights several times over the course of their game and will be envious of their splendidly great sword. Luckily you can get your hands on a well-intimidated weapon and it’s as good in your hands as it is against you.

Unlike all of the other weapons on this list, Ordovice’s Greatsword is best one-handed, meaning you can use your free hand for something like a finger seal—taking advantage of the points you’ve got to trust. have to keep.

Combine Ordovice’s Vortex, the Art of War with aspects of Crucible: Tail Devour and you’ll be cosplaying as a Crucible Knight in no time.

Unfortunately the only way to obtain this sword is to defeat the boss at the end of Oriza Hero’s Tomb, one of the most challenging and anger-inducing dungeons in the entire game. It’s definitely worth it though, so good luck.

2. Prelate’s Inferno Crozier

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier is a great melee weapon with amazing damaging abilities. It can inflict serious physical damage that can make your enemies fly. Weapon skills can do tremendous damage when you hit a heavy weapon on the ground.

You can find Prelate’s Inferno Crozier in Fort Laiedd; It can be found after defeating an enemy at Seathewater Terminus. Many players may be unable to use said weapon as it requires incredible power to use and wield.

You will need about 45 strength and 8 dexterity to run. However getting Prelet’s Inferno Crozier is worth it as the damage will increase significantly due to the high power of this weapon.

3. Clawmark Seal

In general, spellcasting and melee playstyles are quite different in soul games. This seal, which allows the casting of spells, breaks that mould.

The Clockmark Seal, obtained through the quest of Dee, the Hunter of the Dead (one of the many interesting side quests in the game), after defeating and entrusting Deathroot to Gurranac, is uniquely wielded in strength with the general belief. Scales from

Combined with the low faith state requirements of bestial incantations and the high damage they do (as they are enhanced by the seal), this makes the Clomark Seal very unique and effective. It builds to a high power with a small amount of confidence that is really plausible, and a lot of fun too.

4. Starscourge Greatsword

Starcaller Cry is arguably one of the best active skills in Elden Ring. It pulls in enemies with a gravitational wave, and then slams them into the ground.

Most players use this strength weapon with a jump attack, as it has a 1.5x damage multiplier. Unfortunately, it has less stagger damage, which is why it is not ranked higher.

In order to obtain the Starskorge Greatsword, players will need to obtain the Starskjorge’s memory and give it to Enya. This means they will need to defeat Starskjorge Radan, a powerful demi-god found in Welling Dunes.

4. Rotten Battle Hammer

As far as strength weapons go in the Elden Ring, the Rotten Battle Hammer is not appreciated. However, if you hit this hammer under the ‘Heavy’ upgrade path it becomes an A rank in strength scaling.

This, as well as its braggart roar art and dormant red coloration, make it very dangerous in the right hands.

This can be achieved by defeating a rotten dualist enemy near Grace’s protected snowfield site in Mountaintops of Giants. This makes it a late weapon, but it will really shine in NG+.

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1 Greatsword.
2 Ghiza’s Wheel.
3 Great Club.
4 Ordovis’s Greatsword.
5 Prelate’s Inferno Crozier.
6 Ruins Greatsword.
7 bGiant-Crusher.

1 Moonveil. The Moonveil is one of the most prominent weapons in Elden Ring PvP, and that is no surprise.
2 Dark Moon Greatsword.
3 Wing of Astel.
4 Death’s Poker.
5 Sword of St.
6 Starscourge Greatsword.
7 Glintstone Kris.
8 Royal Greatsword.

1 Starscourge Greatsword. Scaling : Strength – D, Dexterity – D, Intelligence – E.
2 Maliketh’s Black Blade. Scaling : Strength – D, Dexterity – E, Faith – D.
3 Godslayer’s Greatsword.
4 Ghiza’s Wheel.
5 Prelate’s Inferno Crozier.
6 Ruins Greatsword.
7 Greatsword.
8 Zweihander.