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The Best Game Consoles all time

If the pandemic has proved anything, it’s that video games are so popular. Being stuck at home highlights this, as widespread shortages have made it incredibly difficult to find the latest consoles, and entire Twitter accounts have been devoted to alerting people when more consoles arrive in stock.

The thing about video games is that they are actually quite affordable compared to other forms of entertainment given the amount of time people will put into a game versus a movie or show.

And the latest consoles aren’t just for playing video games, but also offer apps like Netflix and Hulu, making them the widest entertainment tool for your living room. Below is a list of the best consoles to buy right now – if you can find them, of course.

1. Sega Genesis Mini

After stumbling with a mean Atgame-built Sega Genesis compilation system, Sega decided to take matters into its own hands and build its first console since the Dreamcast. The Sega Genesis Mini does the same for the Genesis that the SNES Classic does for the SNES.

The Best Game Consoles all time

It’s got tons of games (with some surprising omissions) and good emulation, and you can even pair it with the Genesis Tower Mini accessory pack, the (non-functional) Sega CD and 32X systems, and Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Hedgehog cartridge.

2. PlayStation 5

  • CPU: Custom 8-core AMD Zen 2 Variable frequency up to 3.5 GHz
  • GPU: Custom AMD RDNA 2 36 CUs Variable frequency up to 2.23 GHz 10.3 TFLOPS peak
  • Memory: 16 GB/256-bit GDDR6 SDRAM + 512 MB DDR4 RAM (for background tasks)
  • Storage: Custom 825 GB PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD
  • Resolution: 4K with HDR
  • Pros: 3D audio, dualsense controller,
  • Cons: Just absolutely massive, Hard to get a hold of

The PS5 has been particularly hard to hold since November 2020 for good reason. It’s a marked improvement on Sony’s hardware and the company’s commitment to creating high-quality gaming experiences under the “PlayStation Studios” umbrella.

The Best Game Consoles all time

The first thing you’ll notice about the PS5 is how the game feels in your hands, thanks to the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Beyond graphical capability, it’s the most sensory innovation next-gen console gaming has shown us so far. Of course, Sony’s growing library of first-party titles is the best it can use to make use of, with Astro’s Playroom a particularly exceptional experience, but other titles are starting to make good use of the hardware, too.

3. Xbox Series S

We think this console checks most of the checkboxes regarding gaming consoles, as you will not find such a power-packed and compact gaming console under Rs. 40,000 is being offered by its competitors.

The Best Game Consoles all time

Xbox’s Series S, powered by a custom SSD, works with ingenious system-on-a-chip (SOC) technology to deliver up to 120FPS of gameplay on one of the smallest home gaming consoles ever. With Quick Resume, you can easily swap between multiple games and quickly pick up where you left off.

Powered with AMD’s Zen 2 and RDNA 2, this gaming console delivers realistic lighting, colors and real-life reflections to create vibrant, vibrant worlds in games.

The Xbox Series S is the first gaming console to offer a gaming experience in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, which improves gameplay with mesmerizing graphics and stunning audio output.

4. Xbox Series X

Features or tech specs

  • CPU: Custom Zen 2 CPU with 8 Cores at 3.8 GHz
  • GPU: 12 TFLOPs, 52 CUs at 1.825 GHz Custom RDNA 2 GPU
  • Internal Storage: 1 TB
  • Optical Drive: 4K UHD Blue-ray Drive
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.94×5.94×11.85 inches

When the next generation of consoles were released, the PlayStation 5 emerged as the top console in the gaming sector. But while the Xbox Series X lags behind in gaming, it leads in the versatility category.

The Best Game Consoles all time

While this console fell short among dedicated gamers, this console is an ideal product to put on your living room TV because of the large amount of apps and streaming platforms the Microsoft Store has. From binge watching your favorite shows to gaming with your friends across the globe, this console checks all the boxes.

This console is easier to get than the PlayStation 5, so if you’re looking for a powerful console that you can get right now, this is the best option.

5. Microsoft Xbox Series S

If you only have to choose one gaming console from this list, the Xbox Series S is likely to be the most attractive option for most people. It is a good low-cost alternative to the Series X, bringing the same experience to the table albeit with some limitations.

The console can do 1440p gaming at 60fps or 120fps, but not 4K. Storage is a bit limited with 512GB, but you can expand that with an expansion card.

The Best Game Consoles all time

The real value of the console comes from its ability to play all the same games as the Xbox Series X. It’s also backwards compatible, giving you a wider range of games to play. The most affordable feature may be that you can use the Series S with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which gives you access to a huge library of games for a monthly fee.

GPU: AMD Custom Radeon RDNA 2 | CPU: AMD Custom Ryzen Zen 2 | Storage: 1TB SSD | Optical Drive: Yes | Dimensions: 5.9″x5.9″x11.9″ | Weight: 9.8 Lbs

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