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5 Most Twisted Dark Anime Series

So, you have decided to take a deep dive into the world of creepy anime. I warn you! This is a bold choice. There is a plethora of weird and creepy anime out there, it would be hard for you to choose one, so I’ve narrowed down the list for your convenience.

The anime we’ve chosen are great, most of them have this creepy feel, with their dark and gothic art styles, they’ll definitely make you laugh. Make sure to watch these shows with someone, you will be super creeped out watching them alone. Hence, this is a list of 5 Dark Anime Series That Are Super-Scary

1. Monster

The monster manages to be in the top ten in various lists. The anime is a classic, with many anime fans loving the eerie feeling created by this show.

Dr. Kenzu Tenma is left with this growing sense of guilt when he switches from an operation on an expatriate to a popular celebrity. This leads to the death of the migrant and Dr. Kenju is unable to get his death out of his head. So when a similar situation arises and he has to choose between a poor boy and the mayor, he lets the mayor die and saves the boy.

But after nine long years, the demon comes back to haunt him and his past actions. Without spoiling too much we leave you here, watch the anime and you will not be disappointed.

2. Akame ga Kill

If you find yourself thinking over and over again that “that character absolutely should have died, he was just a sliver of plot” then Akame ga Kill might be the perfect show for you.

It follows a group of assassins and doesn’t really shy away from what an assassin is: assassins.

Death comes from all sides and you learn very quickly that even the core cast is not at all safe from this kind of ending.

And when someone dies, it’s not off-screen, it’s not shown with a little blood on the forehead or anything like that. It’s cruel.

3. Death Note

Death Note is the kind of anime that turns people who hate the genre into people looking for more – that’s great. And as a horror anime series, it features a unique blend of elements of death and psychological thriller anime.

The plot follows an intelligent, yet eccentric high school student who suddenly finds himself in possession of a magical notebook that can kill anyone. All he has to do is write his name. With such power, he attempts to purify the world of evil by driving out the oppressors. Is it true that absolute power corrupts?

4. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

Dota: Dragon’s Blood is the latest video game series to arrive on Netflix, and although it’s not particularly creepy, it’s certainly a bloody anime. Based on Dota 2, a game originally released in 2013, the show is an epic fantasy with just the right amount of blood and deposits.

The story follows a dragon knight named Davian, who has a fatal encounter between a demon and a dragon. Losing track of time and his surroundings, he meets up with an exiled princess, causing him to mingle in ever bigger events.


Although tensions may have been boiling beneath the surface, sections 1 and 2 of the RWBY suggested that things were ultimately okay in the city and kingdom of Vale.

Our heroines struggled to survive school and each other, but eventually things went smoothly. There may be some standoffs like losing sleep over the human criminals and terrorist White Fang alliance. There was a dance, an epic food fight, lots of fun and weird hijinks, and things looked like roses!

Then section 3 was dropped. RWBY evolved as a story of betrayal, family found, and where trauma and strength do not equal victory. In the words of Lord Elrond from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, “You shall unite, or you shall fall.”

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