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how to win grandmaster lobby solo vs squad

To win the grandmaster requires the right skills, without this it becomes very difficult to win the match, but at the same time the right knowledge is also very important, such as which gun should be used while playing the game, but with these questions Player loses because the answer is not with the player.

But in this article I have come up with some special tips for the player, which will help the player to play the game well. To run any game, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of that game, due to which it helps to play the game well, but if the game is like Free Fire, then many things get added to it.

grandmaster lobby solo vs squad pro tips

Grandmaster is a very favorite mode of the player, in which the player gets a chance to play solo and group and the player gets the option to push the rank in this mode.

1. Carry the best open eg long range, close range guns

It is very important to have the best gun and many players do not have a good gun, due to which the player gets a lot of trouble while playing the game. Always keep in mind that to use any gun, the sensitivity of that gun should be better.

Gun skins are very useful in increasing the power of the gun given in Free Fire, with the help of which the player gets a lot of support in defeating the enemy. The player must play the match only with the skin of the gun, without this it is very difficult to win the match.

2. Have accurate map information

It is very important to have accurate information about the map, which helps the player to locate the enemy. There are many maps provided in Free Fire and the player does not know about all, but the player should be aware of one map and it is necessary to know every location on the map.

Knowing the exact location of the enemy, the player can easily defeat the enemy, the player supporting defeat knows this very well and takes advantage of this thing. You should understand this and camp well, then winning the match will be easy.

There are many special places inside the map, which are used to loot and if you want more kills, then definitely try this place.

3. don’t attack directly

A lot of players prefer to attack directly, due to which players lose matches quickly and their rank is very low and a low rank is a noob in the eyes of other players, no matter how well the player plays.

Rushing is also quite right, but when this bill is not true in a match like Solo vs Squad, the player loses and rarely wins. While fighting, the player should always keep the distance left, which helps the player to win a lot and get a better rank.

But always keep a long range gun with you, with the help of which there is a chance to kill the enemy from a distance.

4. use abilitys

Utilizing the ability is very important and ability is given in many ways, using which players can perform very well in the game. If the player does not have the ability, then the player can buy it, but many players also take it for free through free fire redeem codes.

Ability is used by pro players to increase their rank and it is very important to use it in singles vs squad only then match can be won easily but it should not be used much, otherwise player will have lot of problem without it in match play

5. play with strategy

It is very easy to beat the player by playing strategy and the match can be understood well.

Must have heard about your strategy game play, players love it a lot and follow this method, if you use this method in single vs squad, you will be very easy to win the match and you will get better rank.

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