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Many people think that anime is only for entertainment purposes. But, little did they know that some anime also share educational themes in their story.

One of the topics is mental health, about which it is very important for people to be aware these days. If you’re struggling with depression, or are just concerned with mental health topics, here are some anime about depression that you can binge-watch:

Elfen Lied

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release date : 25 July 2004
Directed by : Mamoru Kanbe
Written by : Lynn Okamoto
Studio : Arms

Lucy is a Diclonius, a human-adjacent species with invisible telekinetic weapons called vectors. After being subjected to brutal experiments in a government laboratory, he finally gets his chance to escape – but to do so he must eliminate everyone he encounters.

While on the run, she suffers a head injury which gives her a new personality – that of a sweet, innocent girl. When she is rescued by some kind, good humans, it seems that they are looking for Lucy – but eventually, her past is about to catch up with her.


Here’s another good anime with the sad Katsuhira Agata, a reserved teenager who doesn’t feel pain, and this later makes her a human punching bag for the bullies around her.

Just because he feels nothing doesn’t mean people around him aren’t, and when everyone is connected so that one person’s pain can be felt by other people, things get interesting. Looks like.

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release date : 9 April 2016
Directed by : Hiroshi Kobayashi
Written by : Roji Karegishi
Studio : Trigger


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release date : 4 October 1995
Directed by : Hideaki Anno
Written by : Hideaki Anno, et al
Studio : Gainax Tatsunoko

This series might be liked by shonen lovers. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a unique presentation of mental illness. Just as there is no good in battling depression, so are children being forced to save the planet. Hideki Eno, a director himself suffering from clinical depression,

attempted to incorporate psychological elements into the series. The anime was ranked number one anime at the Japan Media Arts Festival 2006. That being said, Neon Genesis Evangelion was the first shonen series that tackles depression.

The Internet is the most powerful technology in the entire universe, isn’t it? It can solve your problem and on the other hand it can destroy you too. Lan Iwakura is a simple girl, ignorant of computers.

Yet the sudden suicide of a classmate, and several strange events, plot to drag Lan into the world of technology, where she slowly learns that things are not as we see them. Some are like a hidden box. which we do not see.

Serial Experiments Lain

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release date : 6 July 1998
Directed by : Ryūtarō Nakamura
Written by : Chiaki J. Konaka
Studio : Triangle Staff

Your Lie in April

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release date : 9 October 2014
Directed by : Kyōhei Ishiguro
Written by : Naoshi Arakawa
Studio : A-1 Pictures

Cousie was announced as a piano prodigy. However, he dropped the title after his mother passed away. He was suffering from severe depression and was determined to let his dreams die with his mother until a certain violinist came into his life.

However, the violinist is also doomed to die. This soul crushing reality does not stop even when one can feel his passing too soon.

Nozomu Itoshiki

This man lives on the edge of a knife; He hangs over his constant depression like a sad pendulum. Nozomu is a teacher, and whatever she encounters causes her to cry about her despair and curl up in a fetal position. He and his student are introduced in the middle of a suicide attempt.

and things don’t get better from there. For someone sad and unaware of how to find a psychiatrist, this is as good as it gets.

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Age : 19-21
Skin color : Pale
Birthday : November 4th

Bunny Drop

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release date : 20 August 2011
Directed by : Kanta Kamei
Written by : Yumi Unita
Studio : Production I.G

A quiet, middle-aged man was not eager to go to his grandfather’s funeral. However, her attitude changes when she learns that the old man was giving birth to a little girl.

All of a sudden, when he decides to take his “aunt”, that monotonous-looking life becomes a lot more lavish.

Legoshi (Beastars)

Yes, it’s a 3D furry anime, and it’s really cool. Protagonist Legoshi is a wolf who has a lot on his plate—the gay tension with his playful deer frenzy.

family secrets, a doomed romance with a rabbit, along with the general self-loathing for eating most of his classmates.

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release date : 10 October 2019
Directed by : Shinichi Matsumi
Written by : Paru Itagaki
Studio : Orange

Aoi Bungaku

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release date : 11 October 2009
Directed by : Morio Asaka 
Written by : Satoshi Suzuki
Studio : Madhouse

It is a collection of stories which are psychological in nature. It is argued that the stories in this are the best. The series features an anime about depression – “No Long Human.

which is about a high school student who experiences depression, self-harm and uses drugs to cope with the suffering.

Kara no Kyoukai

The Kara no Kyokai movie is full of dark themes like depression, loneliness, and themes of self-injury, but it presents itself as an amazing anime that’s worth all your time.

It usually begins with a depressed man moving to a new high school and finding himself in a harem situation. The story is based on Mirai Fukuin which is a side story of the Kara no Kyukai story. It is divided into two sections.

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release date : 11 October 2009
Network : Nippon TV
Studio : ufotable


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CHARACTER details answer
Age : 17-18
Skin color : Pale
Height : 169 cm

Kikyo is a female character with long black hair. There is a fact that she died fifty years ago and is now revived by the demon Urasu. She seems unhappy with her current form. The story shapes her as a woman who suffers from depression.

Throughout the series, it shows you that Kikyo was once a cheerful girl and was sympathetic to everyone, even her enemies.

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