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best online multiplayer horror games for android and iOS

Do you like to play horror games? Are you looking for cool multiplayer horror game to play online with your friends? If yes, then here are the top 5 best multiplayer horror survival games that you can play with friends in 2022.

To provide you such excitement, we bring you the list of top horror games for Android and iOS devices.

Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android/iOS

There are a lot of people who love the horror genre more than anything else, no matter how afraid they are of getting into such movies, games or horror parks, they still get some other kind of scary but adventurous spirit. to join them.

1. Identity V

Identity V

Play Identity V Online for free with Mobile Cloud. NetEase’s first asymmetric horror role playing game, Identity V, is now playable via

Immerse yourself in a dark gothic look adventure with an engaging narrative and thrilling 1v4 action.

Coordinate with teammates to find solutions to cipher machines that open the door to freedom. Or play as a Hunter and learn to use all of his abilities to your advantage.

Be prepared to trap and torture your victim if necessary.

A detective receives a secret letter requesting him to investigate an abandoned property and search for a missing girl.

As you get closer to the truth, something sinister appears… The map is randomly adjusted and changed in each new game, offering endless repetition and variety. You’ll never be able to guess what comes next!

Provider Netease Games Global
Languages English, Japanese
Current Version 1.0.1075161
Size 2.05 GB
Last Updated on 2022-06-30

Additional Info

In this game, you will be taken to a mysterious ancient village in the jungle. As a detective, you must investigate mysterious murder cases.

Follow the clues, you know there is a blood thirsty killer in this village. He is a ghostly form, ready to kill anyone who sets foot in the village. Who is he? A madman or a devil? Let us find the answer in the identity V.

2. Horrorfield

Image source: google Play Store

Online team based action horror. Play with others in real time. Who will be caught and sacrificed by the angry butcher, and who will survive the escape? Its all up to you.

The survivor’s goal is to join forces, develop team strategy, and escape the terrifying base where psychopaths rule. You will hide, help each other, use and combine different skills and items.

Play in an enclosed space full of deadly traps and secret hiding places. Time is never on the side of the survivors, repair the generator as soon as possible to unlock the exhaust.

Package Name com.skytecgames.survival
License Free
Op. System android
Category Action/Adventure
Language English 47 more
Author Skytec Games
Downloads 336,135+
Date Jul 26th, 2022

additional Info

Horrorfield is a multiplayer angry horror game that will give goosebumps to even the true fans of the serial killer game.

The most terrifying horror adventure is waiting for you!
Welcome to the best multiplayer game! Four victims versus a terrifying psycho in an abandoned bunker.

Catch all the survivors while playing as the scary killer, or find the way for the survivors and escape from the crazy killer. Let the bloody hide-and-seek online game begin!

3. The Room

The Room

Room is more than just a horror game; It is an enigmatic story full of mysteries and riddles at every turn. This game is for gamers who like to solve puzzles and use their brain to progress, rather than shooting or engaging in combat.

The spooky factor in this game comes from a vague, unsettling feeling, rather than from terrifying enemies or jumpers.

For those who enjoy The Room, developers Fireproof Games have also created The Room 2, The Room 3 and The Room: Old Sins.

These later games and spin-offs offer brand new puzzles in a creepy, volatile environment. Rooms is available on Android and iOS.

Developer Fireproof Games
Publisher Fireproof Games Team17 (Nintendo Switch)
Designer Robert Dodd Mark Hamilton
Engine Unity
Platform iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch
Mode single player
downloads 1M
price Rs.65

additional Info

Although not as difficult as The Witness or The Talos Principle, the gameplay here is original and addictive, so if you like puzzle games, the room comes highly recommended.

Almost all of your time is spent in one room, as its title suggests, but there’s a rock at the end that takes you to some unknown place to set the next installment.

4. Granny’s House

Granny’s House

Granny House may not win any awards for its graphics, but it’s still one of the best games available on Android and iOS. It’s also a great way to burn some time.

Granny House has various game modes including PvE Story Mode, Fun Parkour Mode, Hide-and-Seek Mode, and more. Furthermore, the game is perfect to play with friends as players can play in groups and explore all the unique modes.

This concludes our guide on the best horror mobile games to play on Android or iOS.

Provider Update Games
Languages English, Japanese, Korean
Current Version 2.5.501
Size 86MB
Last Updated on 2022-06-29
price Free

additional Info

Granny’s house is an Arcade game developed by Update Games. Bluestacks App Player is the best platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience.

5. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight

You can play this exciting cooperative horror game with up to five other players; One of your friends is an assassin who hunts down the other four players.

The job of the others is to hide and catch the killer. Here, spooky surprises and terrifying details are practically everywhere.

The premise of the game is based on a traditional hide-and-seek story.

Your favorite characters from this game series, such as Amanda Young, Mike Meyers Ghost Face, and other permanent figures from the most famous horror movies, can be found in The Dead by Daylight.

At the start of the game, you have two options for choosing the killer and the survivor: either manually or using a randomizer. The process for choosing each character’s powers is the same.

Developer Behaviour Interactive
Publisher Behaviour Interactive
Platform Android, iOS & more
Genre Survival horror
Mode Multiplayer
Size 3.71 GB
Network Connection Required
downloads 5M+

additional Info

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