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Top New bot locations of Erangel Pubg mobile and BGMI 2022

PUBG Mobile bots can be spawned anywhere. If you want a bot for your mission then you can go where the water is near for example. Severny, Georgepol, Novorepnoy, etc, you can also act offline by leaning in a corner and not walking or prone in the street or corner of the house, you can also have a random fire or bot fire.

Have you ever wondered why you get into the game immediately after pressing the start button? This is because PUBG Matchmaker doesn’t wait for a full 100 real player lobby to start a game, around 60 players are real, and the other 40 are bots.

bot locations of Erangel Pubg mobile

The first reason for reducing matchmaking time is OFC. Another reason it makes it easier for novices to become better is by giving them enemies that are nearly impossible to kill, it teaches them fast reaction times, accuracy, and other important skills.

The third reason is to equip desperate players, if you land in a squad somewhere like a shooting range, chances are you guys won’t be well equipped, maybe only one or two squad mates have ARs or SMGs.

Ho, so it’s easy for bots to kill, you can hit one with a punch or pistol and re-equip yourself with your weapons, some bots have really good guns, kill 2 and you’ll probably end up with one Mark and Thomson with 80 ammo each, although not the best weapon, enough for you to kill a real player and then take his stuff.

Some bots will drop M24s and Kar98s, so don’t think bots loot at the start of the match should be terrible. In addition, you can use bots to easily complete tasks like “weapon master”.

how to spot a bot in Pubg mobile (BGMI)

There are a few ways you can check to see if a “player” is a bot. One way is their walking/running pattern. Usually, it goes from slow to fast and comes back again and again. If you hear it, you know it’s a bot.

Another way to find out if it’s a bot is if you see it shoot once and then stop and then shoot or jump all over the place. Sometimes it can lay down if you shoot it right away and that means it’s a bot.

Also when you rob the player, if you only see very little stuff and very little ammo especially like. 45 ACP, then it is a bot. Of course, they’ll have a bit more in the later game, but to be honest, they’re going to carry a maximum of 60 bullets of anything.

How do I identify bots in PUBG Mobile?

Detecting bots in pubg mobile is very easy. If you see a person shoot and run, it means he is a bot, like bots shoot 1-5 bullets and stop and continue again.

An interesting fact is that bots have unlimited bullets. Be aware that someone may pretend to be a bot and kill you immediately when you are within their range.

You can also try to act as a bot and kill enemies. All you need is a feed for some time. Be careful because pro players know if you are just acting as a bot.

You can die by being bitten. If you stop/camp at any place you will get at least 3-4 bots in a match.

Ex- Types of quarries and locations that are not very popular. The best way to easily identify a bot is that the bots of PUBG Mobile do not wear any season’s RP dress.

What is an aimbot in PUBG?

The same thing as it is in other games, software designed to track and usually kill a player the second they are on the cheater’s screen. Some are more advanced than others like soft aim which if used properly can, unfortunately, make it look like the cheater is a really good player, or just let you set a specific Fov that the target won’t toggle (it looks less suspicious)

Much of this is based on my experience in CSGO, where it’s very common, so forgive me if I’m off on a few things.

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You have asked about the best places to land in PUBG. So unlike the others who have given high loot locations, I’ll give you the top 5 positions of every map you can get a decent game of.
Erangel: 1). Kameshkin 2) Yasnaya Polyana 3) School 4) Zharki 5) Mini Power
Miramar: 1) Oasis 2) Impala 3) El Pozo 4) Power Grid 5) La Bendita
Sahnok: 1) Lakawi 2) Huts in MK region 3) Mongnai 4) Paradise Resort 5) Khao
Vikendi: 1) Coal Mine 2) Podovosto 3) Cantra 4) Secret Cave near Podovosto 5) Port

Pochinki is located on the Erangel map. Pochinki’s corner called ‘Bot House’ is the best place to get more bots in pubg mobile.You will find at least 3 to 4 bots in this area. But, beware Pochinki is a hot drop area full of pro players. Most players land there to get more loot and kills.

So, stay safe from the real enemy in the bot house and hunt down bots. Will get it.