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top 6 Happy Anime Girls That Will Brighten Your Day

If you’re looking for a big dose of kawaii, look no further, as this list is dedicated to the cutest anime characters the medium has to offer. Happy Anime Girls That Will Brighten Your Day Anime characters can appear in any genre.

but they are centered in a slice of lifestyle – Nadeshiko Kagamihara from Laid Back Camp, a casual anime about camping, comes to mind . There are some notable exceptions to Shnen, such as Izuku Midoriya as a young child and Rem from Re: Zero.

There are also some cute anime characters from sports anime – Onoda Sakamichi will have you singing the Love Hime theme song long after you finish the Yowamushi pedal. Be prepared for your heart to explode with all the adoration.

Tsumugi Kotobuki

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Birthday: July 2
Sign: Cancer
Height: 157cm
Weight: 53kg
Blood type: O
Age: 16-18

Also known as Mugi, she is one of the heroines of the anime K-ON! Tsumugi Ho-kago is a keyboardist in the Teatime Band. She is sweet and gentle and a very rich girl.

She often gets excited to try new things, which is quite normal in other people’s lives. It seems that Tsumugi sometimes gets tired of behaving rich and therefore distracts herself by behaving otherwise, much to the shock of her friends.

Megumi Kato

Possibly the only anime character who, despite good looks, fails to get eyeballs from his own classmates for the longest time. Appearing in the anime ‘Sakano-How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend’, Megumi is a soft-spoken schoolgirl who befriends the ‘best geek in class.

She expresses the most flat, emotionless character and rarely expresses her feelings animatedly. She often responds with a deadpan look but is seen as a very calm and quiet girl whose presence is rarely felt by her classmates.

Birthday: 9 July 1989
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 650kg
Blood type: HIP
Age: 16


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Birthday: December 3
Height: 134 cm
Blood type: B
Age: 6-7

Renge Non Non is Biori’s sweet purple-haired girl. She is also the youngest character in this Scene/Slice of Life series set in the countryside. She likes to take risks and explore the countryside, and seems to have the most fun with characters like Natsumi,

who share personality traits with Renge. Being only a child it is easy to underestimate his intelligence and intelligence. Range is smart and inquisitive. And despite his weirdness, everything about him is good.

Miku Nakano

Mickey is a charming looking anime girl, but she is reserved, quiet and emotionless. Even though her beauty covers this side of her personality.

we included her on the list because she is one of the cutest anime girls of all time. Fans of this anime tv series and manga series love to watch it because the female characters are all so cute and cute. If you are attracted to the hottest and cutest anime girls, don’t miss it!

Birthday: May 5 2000
Height: 159 cm 
Weight: 49-50 kg
Blood type: A
Age: 17-18 

Nene Sakura

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Birthday: May 5 2O20
Height: 144 cm
Blood type: B
Age: 18

Sakura, a sweet girl, is portrayed as Aoba Suzukaze’s friend from the anime series, “New Game”. He has short blonde hair. Her eyes are light blue and she looks like a middle school student despite being in college.

She loves programming and is naturally inquisitive, but Nene is more childish, selfish, and clumsy. Aoba Suzukaze can’t concentrate on what she should do because of Nene, which has led to her spreading rumors in the past. She is also a fiery otaku girl.

Chika Fujiwara

Who doesn’t love Chika Fujiwara from Kaguya-sama: Love is War. From a love detective to a deceiver and a true ramen expert, she is a girl with many faces. But she is very cute in all this. Chika has been a beloved fan favorite since the first episode of the anime,

and if there was any doubt at the time, they were all washed away with their adorable and trend-setting Chika dance in Episode 3 of Season 1. Also, he can curse and rap very well.

Birthday: 17 (As of Chapter 200)
Height: 154 cm
Blood type: O
Age: 17-18 

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