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top 5 best Minecraft shaders in 2022

Minecraft was released twelve years ago, yet it remains the most played video game of all time. Since it was powered by Microsoft in 2014, Minecraft has gone through many improvements and expansions.

Despite all this, Minecraft still falls short in graphics. Have you ever felt like the game was too “blocky” or unrealistic? Well, that’s exactly what the modding community has created for shaders, and they’re meant to change the game’s picture quality and resolution.

From motion blur to photorealistic lighting, shaders are able to bring your Minecraft world to life and give you a unique gameplay experience.

1. NOSTALGIA shaders

Perhaps the amazing Minecraft shaders deviate too much from how you want Minecraft to look.

top 5 best Minecraft shaders in 2022

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You may have a soft spot for the texture that came from a time when the shades were still new. Nostalgia Minecraft shader has a retro vibe and lots of upgrades to performance and new features.

In case you missed the ‘Super Duper Graphics Pack’, according to the mod’s page, this shader accidentally has “some similarities”. We especially like how it looks at dawn and during sunset.

2. CrankerMan’s TME Shaders

A recent survey in the Minecraft community revealed that most people don’t know much about Crankerman’s TME shaders. Its features and additions are very unique in many ways.

top 5 best Minecraft shaders in 2022

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In fact, it is the most recommended among those that have been mentioned above. Apart from being updated on a regular basis, it has been developed to be compatible with different versions of the game.

Hence, it is a shader pack to install without bothering about compatibility related issues. Have you ever wondered why it is called TME shaders? The reason for this is simple because it means “too much influence”.

That’s what this shader pack reflects in the game. Imagine being water with reflections in your world. The sky is not only looking bright but also natural. This mod is known only for the effects it can add to the players’ world.

3. RedHat Shaders

The RedHat Shader Pack gives us tons of features, including lighting effects, a new environment, reflections, grain, realistic colors, and much more. But since you can easily turn most of them off, you can easily run it on a medium-end system as well.

top 5 best Minecraft shaders in 2022

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There’s a lot going on in the day with RedHat Shades On. Interactive blocks such as liquids and leaves are in slow but constant motion and they also interact well with light. Their textures and shadows also feel more natural than the default ones.

At the end of a dynamic day, my favorite feature of these shades is the night. It’s dark, grim, and somehow still welcoming. The sea green color on our camera makes Minecraft feel like part of a horror movie. Then to take it a step further, torches and other light sources are also dimmed with these shades.

4. Complementary Shaders

This modest but effective shader set for Minecraft is called the Complementary Shader. These shaders are created to introduce additional visual aspects to your game environment.

top 5 best Minecraft shaders in 2022

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A mix of updated lighting, reflections, game-play fog and performance enhancements turn Vanilla into an entirely new experience.

Complementary Shaders does an excellent job of effecting changes in the environment in the Minecraft environment while keeping your PC running smoothly. This shader will provide you a whole new level of gaming enjoyment.

When you use this shader, you’ll see photo-like ambient lighting including color gradients throughout the sky box, authentic clouds and shadows that change form and direction depending on the path of the Sun. Everything about this shader is great.

5. Naelego’s Cel Shaders

Godrej, Bloom, and Lens Flares are great, but the shades aren’t just about dialing up the lighting to the max.

top 5 best Minecraft shaders in 2022

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You might find a more stylistic approach more interesting, and that’s where Nelego’s cell shaders come in, putting the cell-shaded style that popularized games like Okami and Borderlands into Minecraft.

It feels a bit more like a novelty than other shaders because of how heavily stylized it is, but that doesn’t change how cool it can be to see some of your proudest creations in this style.

It might not be the kind of shader that you have all the time while playing, but there is still a lot you can do with it, like pair it with some of the best Minecraft mods for a whole new experience.

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Here are the best shader mods you can get for Minecraft to give you cel-shaded trees, realistically rendered oceans, fluffy clouds and stunning sunsets.
1. SEUS.
2. Continuum Shaders.
3. Lagless shaders.
4. KUDA Shader.
5. Naelegos Cel Shaders.
6. Nostalgia.
7. BSL.
8. Chocopic13s Shaders.

There can be many reasons for zooming in or out in Minecraft. Maybe you just need to see the item better when you’re crafting or upgrading, or maybe you just need to take the perfect screenshot.

1. Ebin Shaders (Image via Craftance, YouTube)
2. Chocapic13’s Shaders (Image via CurseForge)
3. Continuum Shaders (Image via Continuum Graphics)
4. Sildur’s Shaders (Image via Sildur’s Shaders)
5. SEUS shaders (Image via Sonic Ether)