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How to download Minecraft 1.19.2 update

Mojang has released another Minecraft 1.19.2 update for the Java version. This is the second incremental update released soon after the first which brings many changes and bug fixes. This is a minor update as it brings only two bug fixes and nothing more. However, Minecraft players would still prefer to download this update.

With the 1.19.1 update, Mojang added the highly controversial feature of the chat reporting and ban system to both the Java and Bedrock versions. Since the game’s vast community was used to promoting freedom of speech and action, they were extremely upset and angry with Mojang for releasing such a feature. The Minecraft 1.19.2 update for Java version fixes some issues related to the new feature.

This minecraft update is being officially released to all players after a one-day trial, and fixes a secure chat issue that causes players to disconnect. Accidents during the social interaction screen are also resolved. Nothing else is included in this hotfix, and it releases on top of the Minecraft 1.19 “The Wild Update” branch.

The 1.19.2 hotfix comes amid ongoing controversy surrounding Minecraft: Java Edition Player Reporting, a new security feature that helps players protect themselves and enforce Minecraft Community Guidelines. With the feature and today’s Secure Chat fix, Mojang Studios aims to make one of the best PC games on PC a safer, more inclusive place for all gamers.

Open the official game launcher

First, players can open the official game launcher which they should have downloaded and installed after purchasing the game. This launcher manages all installed versions of the game as well as any new game updates. After opening the Launcher, players can go to the Java Versions section.

Find the latest release

Once on the Java Versions page, players can click on the version list near the Play button on the left. It will show all installed versions of the game, latest snapshot version and latest release version available for download.

Players can simply select the ‘Latest Release’ option under which the game version will be written ‘1.19.2’. Once selected, players can easily hit play. Launcher will automatically download all required game files to run Minecraft 1.19.2 Update.

Normally enter any world

Once players open the game, they can go to any square and start any world as normal. Since there are no new additions, players will not notice any major changes in the game. All worlds will open normally without any problem as this is an official release and not a snapshot.

As mentioned above, in this small incremental update, Mojang fixed two critical bugs that were hampering gameplay. They are related to the secure chat and social interaction screen. Interestingly, both these features were only recently added to the game.

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