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PUBG Mobile: Here are the 10 best guns to use

The ‘best weapon’ is not necessarily the best of all. It’s more like, what weapon are you very good at. Some are good at every weapon, some have their own preferences.

I’ll focus my answer on which weapon I think is the best in their category, and why. I would also skip crate weapons like the MK-14, AWM, Groza, etc as they are undoubtedly good, but not accessible to most players, and you can really win back to back Chicken Dinners with just the following weapons.

Best guns in PUBG Mobile 2022

1). SMG: Vector:

This gun is great if you at least get the extended magazine. The rate of fire is better than that of the UMP, and it can crush the enemy within a second before it can respond. It’s stable as crap even without a single attachment, with almost no retraction at all.

Even with the lowest base damage compared to other SMGs, it is quicker to kill an enemy with Vector than a UMP because of its 624 DPS, the highest of all SMGs, which are all LMGs and ARs. is more than that!!

2). AR: M416:

I was torn between AKM and this one, but decided to leave the former as it is incredibly difficult to control. This gun is an all-rounder, and you can shoot even the pros with this versatile weapon without breaking a sweat.

It has low recoil and can also be used as a sniper with single fire mode and 6x scope. It is the temporary ‘sniper’ of choice for many Pro PUBG Mobile players as it has less recoil than DMR.

3). LMG: DP-28:

The only freely available LMG in the game, this gun is a favorite of many players. The circular bullet magazine significantly reduces recoil compared to the M249.

This gun is lethal if used while prone, and has the ability to wipe out an entire 4-man squad in just one go without reloading in the hands of a capable player.

4). DMR: SLR:

This gun is the rarest of all the DMRs that are freely available, and for a very good reason.

It has the highest base damage compared to all non-crate DMRs, and can be equipped with multiple attachments.

Get yourself a cheekpad, and you’re right there looking at one of the easiest DMRs to control.

5). Sniper: M24:

Ask any sniper-welding guy and you’ll get just two answers: AWM and Kar98. Sometimes you’ll hear the occasional squeak about how stupid VSS is.

But some people mention the name of this super sniper, because it is quite difficult to find.

This bad boy can one shot a Level 2 helmeted man, and can clear a Level 3 helmet. Plus, it has the sexiest sound of any gun when equipped with a silencer. Try to believe it!

6). Shotgun: S12k

This is a low rated gun, as it is the only gun that can shoot in full auto. It’s a perfect replacement for an SMG until you can find one.

The added advantage of this gun is that it can equip an AR attachment.

Simply point it at an enemy, press the shoot button and it will blast all 5 bullets at the enemy without blinking.

7). Pistol: P18C

This little man is the deadliest secondary weapon in the game, as it is the only fully automatic pistol that can rival the SMG with its rate of fire.

Most players give up their pistol after receiving two guns, but if you use an AR/SMG with a sniper/DMR combo, keep this pistol with you for immediate use if your auto weapon is in the middle of a firefight. I run out of bullets. It just might save your ass.

8). Other: Crossbow

Ask any PUBG Mobile player their opinion on the crossbow, and 99% of them will tell you just two words: It’s shit.

The remaining one percent know the true power of a crossbow: the only completely silent weapon in the game with damage stats only bettered by an AWM. It can hit enemies with a level 3 helmet.

If you are hidden or hidden behind the enemy will almost never know your location because it doesn’t show up as an ‘orange bullet’ icon in the map when shooting, making it difficult to use in the last few circles Becomes the perfect weapon where stealth is extremely important.

Think of the crossbow as a bolt action sniper, but without the noise. It’s a little hard to operate, but this baby has won me a few chicken dinners, and I always pick it up whenever I see it.

Best Sniper Rifles in PUBG Mobile

The AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum) is the most powerful gun and the only weapon in the game that can KO one hit against a level 3 helmet. It has a heavy base damage of 120 and can only be looted with supply drops.

If you ever get your hands on this sniper rifle, make sure you grab an 8x scope with a suppressor, an extended mag, and a cheek pad for better viewing and added firing stability.

The M24 is another great option and is the second most powerful sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile after the AWM.

It essentially acts as an upgraded version of the KAR 98K in terms of style and use and offers an excellent stopping power with 88 damage.

The M24 can also be found in loot boxes and is best used with a 4X, 8X or 15X scope.

The Kar98k or Karabiner 98 Kurz is the most common single bolt action sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile that carries a hit damage of 75 and is best used for mid-range shots. The reason it is quite common among players is that it can be easily found on the map.

The Kar 98k can be used against players with Level 1 or Level 2 helmets, however, it has a slower reloading time. You should also pair this weapon with an 8x scope, suppressor and bullet loop.

Best Light Machine Guns in PUBG Mobile

There are currently two Light Machine Guns (LMG) in the game that are quite powerful and use different types of ammo.

The DP-28 in PUBG Mobile is a powerful LMG that uses 7.62mm ammo and does 51K dish damage. This is a common light machine gun that is easily found on the map.

The weapon is best used for short-range shots, and it is recommended that you use a 2x scope or holographic sight with it.

The M249 is another good option that comes with great power and firing speed. It can be found in supply drops and is the easiest gun you can use when taking down vehicles.

The LMG deals 45 damage while using 5.56mm ammo. The 4x scope works best with the M249.

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