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How to build a house in Minecraft

There are so many options in Minecraft that it can be a bit overwhelming at times. This is where we can help. We have put together a collection of great Minecraft house ideas to keep you inspired and give you something new to work with.

We have a great variety of cool Minecraft houses for you to see below, from cool Minecraft houses to underground bases. With a place for everything and a safe resting place, having a practical and attractive home base can make the game a little easier – and there’s no better time than now to get creative with your Minecraft buildings!

1. Underground starter house

This style of base combines the best aspects of an underground house and starter house designs into one relatively compact base. Similar to the original starter houses, players can build these in the first day or two of the new Minecraft world. However, they differ in ease of manufacture.

It will take little time, skill, or effort to build a basic underground starter home with the potential to simply dig up a small room to house the basics. However, players can spice things up by building a more Hobbit-style house that blends an artificial door and window area on the side of a hill, with most of the construction underground.

2. Victorian mansion

Victorian style is one that needs no introduction. One of the most famous architectural styles in human history, there are some characteristics that are shared by all Victorian-style homes.

These ornate details are what trim most of the building and the sharp spire-like roofs provide an almost palace-like feel. While stereotypically darker in color, there are Victorian homes in white, orange, blue and even yellow.

These mansions are perfect for late-stage Minecraft players who want to advance their construction abilities as far as possible, with minute and intricate details that are difficult to effectively translate into Minecraft builds. This detail will force players to think outside the box, as well as use items they normally wouldn’t. The unique ability to color combinations also helps make these homes fun to build.

3. Light It Up

It’s true that a house in Minecraft prevents hostile mobs from reaching you, but that doesn’t prevent these hostile mobs from spawning indoors. To protect your casa from them, you will need to add different light sources inside your home.

Torches are the most popular option, but you can also go for glowstones, lanterns, and other light sources. Some players also place light sources around and above the house for added security.

4. Add Doors & Windows

Once you have built the walls, you can use wood to make doors and glass panes as windows. It is your choice to use single door or double door. The hostile mob cannot open any of them. As for windows, some players leave them open without glass. But it’s an open invitation to a skeleton-like horde that can attack you from afar.

5. Japanese Pagoda-Style House

Sheepjiji brings us a different style of home this time around with an attention-grabbing and aesthetically pleasing Japanese Pagoda House. Overlooking the magnificent cherry blossom trees on the outskirts made of pink and white wool, it is a spectacular construction filled with interesting layers of wooden slabs and the soft light provided by lanterns and redstone lamps. And if your PC is at work, lighting looks even better with one of the best Minecraft shaders – or even ray tracing.

6. Fantasy House

The aptly named Minecraft Fantasy Build Channel put out a video on how to build your gorgeous fantasy house from start to finish. The roof is particularly good on this build in my opinion. I love the vaulted balcony overlooking the top garden. It looks like the perfect place to relax for a while and watch the landscape around you.

7. Underground House

Greatness is not limited to soaring palaces or grand towers trampling the sky. A flat, one-floor construction can be just as luxurious—as seen in the fabulous Underground House by Spudetti.

Divided into four equal spaces, this circular fortress built entirely underground makes up the typical two-story house Minecraft. The symmetrical circular marvel is observable as seen from the sky. And we can just imagine how nice it is to look at the sky from below at night.

8. Underwater Modern House

Become one with the ocean with this underwater modern house from Random Steve Guy. The glass-paned, top-to-bottom window sills surrounding all floors allow you to look deep into the submerged house and the ocean floor.

And if you want to look outside, climb to the top floor and enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean waves at all four corners of your home. I imagine that only the most daring of us would be brave enough to build this – imagine there are no islands here at night. shiver!

9. Modern House

A clean, sleek look from this Modern House from Detsno is the perfect example of how simple ideas, when executed well, can still look good. This Minecraft house design gives it a very clean, contemporary look – without any extravagant decorations or designs.

The house itself feels like a simple yet comfortable abode one can return to after a long day’s exploration. Take a dip in the infinity pool or relax in the outdoor lounge – either way, you’re sure to feel comfortable in one of the cleanest Minecraft house designs you’ll ever see.

10. Mountain House

Have you ever wanted to build a house on the mountain that still manages to look as good as minecraft house ideas? This Mountain House from Junes MAB Architecture Tutorial is arguably one of the best looking ones out there.

The circular windows offer natural sunlight and a full view of the great outdoors. The view overlooking the interior also looks stunning, with well-lit ceilings and a couple of cabin furniture adorning the space.

Whether you’re playing on Minecraft 1.18  or any other version, copying this unique take on a variety of mountain Minecraft mansion ideas will surely impress the crowd.

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