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GTA Online: Best Bunker to Buy and How to Get Rich from Gunrunning

Good news for GTA Online players who are sick of the death of oppressors ruining their business operations – they’ve been laid off! And you can run your business in the private lobby for a long time. If that wasn’t enough, the bunker re-supply mission has got a huge time-saving skip.

Time to watch Money Roll In. In a clip shared to Reddit, user abdulla_1309 revealed that once you accept the bunker re-supply mission and head out, you can quickly kill yourself with an explosive and you’ll be on your way to the intended destination. Will react right outside.

What Is A Bunker?

Bunker is a business where you produce and sell exclusively military products. You can manufacture and sell various products in those underground structures, or you can improve your military products (weapons, vehicles, etc.)

Agent 14 will help you manage the business when you buy one. He will make a statement on the mission and remind you about the status of your bunker. You can also store vehicles from Warstock Cash & Carry within the bunker.

GTA Online Gunrunning Profit Guide

Once you turn off the supplies, go back to your laptop and make sure your staff is focused on production. Without upgrading your bunker, workers will produce one unit every ten minutes – this will drop to seven minutes if you spend cash to upgrade.

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It’s also better to steal your supplies than to buy them with your own cash. This will allow you to get content for free – even if you have to fight with other players. Doing so will make your gun wielding bunker incredibly profitable, even if it takes time and effort.

Now, it will take about two hours to get the bunker full of stock but you are guaranteed to make at least $500,000. Upgrading the bunker and selling weapons away from it will give you a bigger payoff, but you’ll have to invest more time and cash.

GTA Online: Best Bunker to Buy

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Before learning how to get rich with Gunrunning in GTA Online, you need to learn what is the best bunker to buy. You can buy bunkers from Maze Bank Foreclosure using the Internet app on your phone. You can buy 11 bunkers. they are:

  • Chumash Bunker: GTA$1,650,000
  • Farmhouse Bunker: GTA$2,375,000
  • Thomson Scrapyard Bunker: GTA$2,290,000
  • Smoke Tree Road Bunker: GTA$2,205,000
  • Grand Senora Desert Bunker: GTA$2,120,000
  • Grand Senora Oilfields Bunker: GTA$2,035,000
  • Route 68 Bunker: GTA$1,950,000
  • Lago Zancudo Bunker: GTA$1,550,000
  • Raton Canyon Bunker: GTA$1,450,000
  • Grapeseed Bunker: $1,175,000
  • Paleto Forest Bunker: GTA$1,165,000

In terms of location, you should buy a bunker that is closer to Los Santos, as that is where you would like to sell your weapons for the best profit. We would recommend Chumash Bunker as the best bunker to buy.

In terms of renewal, you might consider buying individual quarters if you want to spawn at this location, but we’d recommend against other options unless you’re feeling flush. You can find out how to make money fast.


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Chumash is arguably the most popular bunker to buy in GTA Online, and for good reason. It is directly adjacent to the downtown district of Los Santos, giving players a short distance to the main action in the city and their businesses.

One issue some players have with Chumash is being saddled by other players who have also chosen this location or are simply walking in and around the city of Los Santos. If players can deal with it, Chumash is a great option.

Route 68

Route 68 Bunker is a popular choice among GTA Online players, which means you may have to defend it often. So, whenever you exit your bunker.

make sure you have secured it properly. This bunker, which can hold three vehicles, is located on the west side of the airport and can be purchased for $1950000.

Raton Canyon

“It’s surrounded by mountains which means you’ll be protected when lifting with aerial vehicles, your MOC hangs right out, it’s not too far from a re-supply mission and as long as it has access to the highway,

so A dirt road sits in the middle of it meaning it’s far from any potential mourners. It’s one of the less popular options, meaning you’ll be left on your own for a long time.”

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